Friday, June 17, 2011

More Nursery Artwork

(excuse the wonky photos, I was trying to get as little glare as possible)

I was browsing etsy for orange prints, and came across the orange balloon print by Trafalgars Square. I quickly fell in love and purchased a series of four.

I originally planned to mount them in a row down the wall, but it would have been much too tall for the area, so it became a 2 by 2 arrangement that involved being home alone one Sunday afternoon, a level, a ladder and a lot of cursing when I stuffed up measurements. Pregnancy seems to have killed my brain lately. Luckily I was using a pencil that was easy to erase, and decided to use 3M hooks rather than putting holes in the wall.

Not entirely sure if the husband has noticed them or not - he hasn't commented as of yet!
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  1. They're lovely and add a nice splash of colour to the room. Ange


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