Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gardening! Part Deux

Plants are in. Mulchy bark stuff is in. Now for it to grow into a hedge.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The decade that was.

Undomestic/mumma posted about her decade, and it was such a lovely post, I decided to do the same thing. Mainly because my mind needs some exercise.

2000 - kissed the wrong boys ♥ Kissed the right boy  Did bad things with the right boy ♥ Right boy turned out to the the wrong boy ♥ Met a new boy and still smile when I think of him  Learnt to drive ♥ Scared the shit out of my parents when I asked about which way to turn the steering wheel on a bridge

2001 - lost a lot of weight ♥ cut off my hair  kissed the wrong boy again  discovered the wrong boy was still the wrong boy  drank to much ♥ made some awesome friends

2002 - said goodbye to my gran  cried a million rivers ♥ threw myself into VCE ♥ got my licence and brought a car ♥ partied too much ♥ met a boy ♥ broke up with the boy

2003 - met a boy online ♥ went to uni ♥ dropped out of uni and into a career ♥ broke up with the boy for being weird and controlled by his mother ♥ came to the fact that i had and lost a baby brother ♥ saw my parents get married (step dad) ♥ discovered it would be hard to have children

2004 - was single for a while and discovered who i am ♥ made more awesome friends ♥ met the boy from 2002 in the main street ♥ became friends with that boy ♥ he became the man of my dreams ♥ moved out of home (much to my parent dismay) ♥ put on weight

2005 - turned 21 ♥ brought my first brand new car ♥ quit my job to go back to uni ♥  put on more weight

2006 - finally had the boy and my house transfered into my name ♥ started uni ♥ met my best friend ♥ supported my best friend when she found out she was pregnant ♥ the boy proposed ♥ i said yes ♥ vowed to lose weight

2007 - planned a wedding ♥ went to uni and hated it ♥ also hated my part time job ♥ started to try for a baby ♥ met one of my other closest friends ♥ welcomed my niece and god-daughter into the world ♥ lost weight, but then put it back on

2008 - got married ♥ went to Thailand ♥ found a new career that I love ♥ tried for a baby ♥ lost a baby ♥ watched best friend get married ♥ tried again ♥ lost again ♥ renovated my house (smashing walls helps with frustration)

2009 - tried for another baby ♥ lost another baby ♥ developed who I am as a person ♥ began to like who I am ♥ welcomed two nephews into the world ♥ had weight loss surgery ♥ lost 20kg ♥ brought clothes in the normal section of Myer ♥ became content with who I am as a person

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Summer hint

I am cursed with pale skin that burns. No matter how much sunscreen I wear, I burn. It sucks just that little bit more because I live in Australia, where the sun is NASTY!

But I was recently told a tip.

To releive the pain from sunburn, place a face cloth in a bowl of full fat milk.

And it must be true, as Real Living featured it in their magazine this month!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Renovating Guide: Bunnings vs Mitre 10

Disclaimer: This post is entirely my own opinion. It is based purely on one incident at my local store, and should not be taken against other stores or corporations. If you have an issue with this post, please contact myself by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

It is a hot topic in our household of which is the better hardware store: Bunnings or Mitre10. I personally prefer Bunnings, as it has a larger range, is better priced, and 9 times out of 10 caters to my needs. The husband prefers our local Mitre10. There is knowledgeable staff, they are willing to order things in, and it is around the corner from home. Oh, and he likes that you can just drive in, and drive out. There is no boom gate and border security once leaving the timber section.

So, if Bunnings and Mitre10 were to have a child, it would be the perfect hardware store for us. Unfortunately, I cant see that happening any time soon.

Because Bunnings is a good hour away from home, and given that during a day which we are renovating we can go to the hardware store up to 10 times, we get majority of things at our local Mitre10.

When we renovated our bathroom the lovely staff at Mitre10 told us there was no difference between a Hume door and a Corinthian door, and that they were the exact same profile. It is a standard 4 panel door, which is very common, so I took this as gospel. This suited us, as we brought a Corinthian door for the office, but couldn't be bothered driving an hour to go and get another one for the bathroom. So we brought the Hume door.

BIG MISTAKE! It turns out that there is a slight difference between the two companies doors. The inner panel is a differnent shape. It took me a week to work it out, but I worked it out, and it pissed me off every day since 2006. (Mark 1 against Mitre10)

Luckily, as the husband didn't see the issue with having two slightly different doors, he had installed both upside down, and they had to be turned around when the kitchen was renovated. Which meant we had to order a new Corinthain door, as the Hume door had been sanded to fit in the old door frame, and looks silly in the new door frame. Awesome-sauce!

So we went to Mitre10, and were once again told they were the same. I pointed out to the man who told us this that he was infact incorrect, and there was a slight difference. His reply "oh, so you noticed that then. Best we order you a door". No 'sorry, I didnt realise' or anything. He knew all along they were different but was being lazy and selling me a door they had instock rather than order me a door! (Mark 2 against Mitre10).

I point out to the man that it would just be easier to go to Bunnings and get the door. He argues that it is fine for him to order it. I still say no. He pushes the issue and I give in. He tells me it will be a week to come in, and they will call us.

That was the first weekend in December. Three weeks have passed, so today I went to see them. I am told it won't be here until February at the earliest! (Mark 3 against Mitre10). I ask to cancel the order, as I could have picked one up in the 5 times that I have been to Bunnings since I ordered the door. No can do, once ordered it can't be cancelled (Mark 4 against Mitre10).

It is at this point I am starting to see a tinge of red. A very slight tinge, but I am cranky none the less.

And then, the woman who was standing besides the man who was serving me, who is known as being the most useless shop assistant, to the point where we hide from her and refuse to be served by her, tells me it is taking so long because Corinthian are custom making our door! (Mark 5 million against Mitre10). It is a standard 4 panel door. It is an off the shelf item, found in most new houses, that is so common that it might as well be sold at Woolies! They. Are. Not. Custom. Making. My. Door!

It is at this point I see a red flag waving, and tell this woman that it is a standard door, and that if she isn't in the know about our particular door, then to please refrain from commenting, as it was advise like hers (ie incorrect) that got us into this mess in the first place!

So, from now until we next renovate I am refusing to go to my local Mitre10. I don't care if I have to drive an hour each way for a packet of screws, I will either drive or go with out. But I will not be going back to Mitre10 in my town for some time! Bunnings wins!

So here is my renovating advise for today. Never trust what a store person tells you without checking the information yourself. Double check it. Triple check it if you must. And learn from my mistakes, if you think something is going to go screwey, go elsewhere!

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Techno Thongs

No, not the underwear variety.

I saw these in a shop in Melbourne (General Pants I think). I did consider buying it, but it was $40 for 2Gb, and probably not something I needed. Though I do love havi's.

Still cool though

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Gardening! Part Trois

I knew I should have paid more attention in French classes, I had to google the number three! And to think I studied French for 4 years and even went on exchange to a french colony!'s time for the third installment of the garden saga.

This is what I am working with.

An ugly (admitadly less ugly than the fence we pulled down) fence, a wide garden bed, and some stupid pebble things that I hate, but can't justify the expense of concrete to get rid of.

The plan is this:
*cover the fence with those stick things designed for covering fences. I am hoping to get the shorter lengths so it will only cover up to the bottom of the lattice

*The bottom third of the garden bed will become a bbq haven, complete with redgum benchtops - I have nothing to do with this, its all the boys planning.

*Give the dirt a good dose of organic shit (I can say that, because thats what it is ;) ) and hopefully improve its condition to a level where something other than a thisle will grow in there.

*Plant some nice tropical plants. The list looks a bit like this

Mini Banana


Pony tail Palm

Curcuma rubescens


Birds of Paradise

Spiral head ginger

Birds Nest Fern

That should make it nice and green in there. I considered having some bamboo as well, but apparently bamboo can take over your whole garden!

*Install the pond. I am considering making a rock waterfall, but it might end up being too hard, and i might just give up. Will see how I go with that one.

*Find some little statues to go in there. I saw some little Japanese lanterns in Bunnings the other day which would look awesome if you put a tea light in them at night. I wouldn't mind getting a sitting Buddha for in there as well, but I am yet to find one I like. If you know somewhere I should look, let me know. I remember seeing fiberglass ones that look like sandstone a while back, but I can't remember where.

The timeline for this project? A month to six weeks. I would like to have it all done before the husbands birthday party! Call me crazy!!!

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Pre-Post Christmas Shopping

Seems retailers are sneaky this year, and starting their sales early. Which is awesome if you are shopping for a gift on December 24 at 3pm.

So, there I was, hunting for a present for my mum on Christmas Eve, when I walked into a local giftware store. Worth a chance, as my mum is redecorating currently.

There was nothing for her, but I picked up these awesome cushions for our bed. I love them.

My boss gave me a scented candle for christmas, which just happened to be red. It was a complete fluke, as she hadn't even seen our bedroom reno pictures! It matches in really well though, so luck was on our side that day!

And after all that shopping, I finally walked to the jewelers and brought her a Pandora charm, just like I had originally planned!
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts

A few months back I mentioned how I loved Wrapco for their awesome papers, and how I couldnt decide between them.

Well I ended up with the blue flock, which looks awesome. I teamed with with brown raffia for something different. I like that I can use it for different occasions, especially when I am not a fan of Santa paper

After using their products, I can not recommend them highly enough. My parcel arrived in a few days (despite them saying it could be 2 weeks before delivery) and the quality is well above other papers I have used.

Wrapco will be getting my business again!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: An overview

Well I am home, and finally finished our christmas celebrations (with 3 sets of parents, it tends to take a few days). We alternate christmas between my family and the husbands. On my years I generally host it at my house, as I hate having one parent left out.

This year it was the husbands turn, which meant that we had to treck to my sister in-laws house early christmas morning. How early you ask?

5am! Yes, 5am!!!

What was slightly worth was that we had to get up around 4am! Turns out it is still dark at that time (can't say I have been up that early for 2 years). Turns out it is also cold at that time of day. And it turns out that I don't like that time of day!

My niece, muppet, had been madly writing 2.5 year old "letters" to Santa telling him that she would be at Aunty K's house. Santa, the wise man that he is, made a note, and left the present at Aunty K's house. Smart man that Santa. Many presents, too much food, not enough alcohol (none actually), and a catnap, and the day was over.

Muppet loved her apron, Little man loved his bath toys, and, well Little Dude didn't really care about his elephant. But he is only 9 weeks old, so I will let him get away with it ;)

Today we had my mum and stepdad over for dinner, who presented me with

Incase you can't work it out, its a Scanpan CTX saute pan and stock pot. My mum knew how much I loved my chefpan, and that I wanted to get some other bits, but money was better spent elsewhere. I love her so much.

One thing is for sure though - I am glad Christmas is only once a year!

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Bonus Thankful 26: Boxing Day Sales

Bonus round of thankfuls, because how on earth did I forget about boxing day sales???

I normally avoid the shops on Boxing Day, just because I don't like chaos that much (I get enough chaos from my family on Christmas Day). But I do like to go a few days later.

This year I am actually heading into Melbourne to catch up with a friend and do a spot of retail therapy. Should be a good day, especially considering I am taking the train down, so I don't have to bother with the traffic!

On my hit list:
* A star for the top of our Christmas Tree
* Undies for the boy. He loves these particular pair of undies, so when they come on special I buy up big on them. Unfortuantly for me, they only seem to come on special in the post Christmas sales.
* Maybe some more Christmas decorations. Turns out I didnt really have as many as I thought I did.
* A toy of some sort for my nephew's birthday. I am thinking of a Tonka Truck or something along those lines (am open to suggestions on what to buy a 1 year old boy)
* Some new sheets. I brought 1000tc ones last year, and whilst they are good, they give me the shits when ironing them, so am thinking of getting 500tc ones this year.
* Clothes. My wardrobe is so bare that the husband has more clothes than I do, and it has got to the stage where I wear the same three outfits to work all the time. I need variety.

That should do me I suppose. Unless of course I find something else I "need" along the way...
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Thankful 25: My blog followers

That's right, you guys are the thing I am most thankful for. It's coming up a year since I started this blog, not really expecting anyone to read it. And yet, there are 96 of you listed as followers, and I know a few more who don't subscribe but check in.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful comments you leave for me, I love hearing what you have to say.

So I wish you all, and your loved ones, a very merry (and safe) christmas, filled with plenty of the good things: friends and family, food and drinks.

PS - stop reading blogs on Christmas Day and go eat more pudding :) Pin It

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A unique gift

I have wanted to tell you all about this gift for weeks now, but it was actually for a blog reader, so I couldn't.

I participated in a Kris Kringle, and rather ironically, was given my good friend Kerry. It was harder than I expected, as I had to pretend I was a stranger. Hence I asked A LOT of questions which I knew the answer to.

Now Kerry is a very talented musician. So I found this pin to be quite fitting

Yet another fantastic Etsy find.

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Thankful 24: Santa

I don't have kids, but I have a neice and two nephews who all belive in Santa (and so they should, the fat man is awesome!)

But Santa is a minefield. You have to watch the conversations you have with adults with little ears around. You can't make Santa jokes. And, despite telling children to never lie, you lie to them about Santa. Not Drowning Mother summed up my fears of having children asking about Santa in a recent post. How the hell will I cope with the questions, I suck at lying. I can't even lie about a recent fine I was issued from the boys in blue! I subjected myself to losing 3 points, $240 and having to eat a massive amount of humble pie from the husband.

As elaborate lies we tell our children go, there are none larger than the whole Santa thing.
I mean, let’s just imagine for a moment if Santa was actually real. For one thing, let’s think about what kind of administrative support he would be needing. The database required to keep track of current postal addresses would be a complete nightmare to update, let alone provide technical support for.
Then there’s all those letters that roll in from children all over the globe. Someone would need to sort, open and translate them, enter the requested items into the database and then file the letter away in a filing cabinet the size of Western Australia. Because, if you think about it (which I obviously have), those letters would probably need to be kept for seven years, in case of some kind of audit, right?

Then there’s would be the job of coordinating Santa’s diary – you know, fitting in all those public appearances in shopping centres, community parties and street corners in the weeks leading up to Christmas. And let’s not even start on the travel arrangements for Christmas Eve and the stress of off-setting his carbon footprint. And I’m pretty certain there’d have to be a large team of logistic (and house-breaking) experts dedicated solely to planning his entry and exit points for each home he has to visit.

And then there’s the whole “who’s been good and who’s been bad” thing. Would Santa have surveillance teams working around the clock, spying on every single child on the planet all year around? Wouldn’t that just creep you out a little if it were true? And, most certainly, the definitions of “good” and “bad” behaviour would make for very tricky work for Santa’s legal team.

Luckily, most children haven’t worked in an administrative capacity, like I obviously have. They’re like top-level management who think that the stationary cupboard magically restocks itself and that the Food Fairy makes and delivers those plates of little triangular sandwiches and jugs of iced water.

Of course, my own children – like many others – occasionally ask a few logistical questions: “Our gas heater blocks the fireplace. How will Santa get in?” or “Who will tell Santa we’re going to be in Perth this year?” or “Why don’t you think I’ll get a Nintendo DS from Santa? [So-and-so] got one from him last year.”

[For the record, my answer to that last question was: "Mummy and Daddy have a special arrangement with Santa where we get to give you the really cool stuff and Santa gets to give you a box of sultanas and a plastic rainbow slinky."]

And I’m sure questions that might be asked in future years will include: “Does Santa drink beer at every single house he visits and does he get absolutely rat-arsed?” and “Where the hell does Santa get off saying whether I’ve been good or bad this year?”

So why do we spin these tales of flying reindeer and magical elvin sweatshops?

Because everyone loves a good story.

Because small faces that burst into smiles when they see that Santa’s visited in the night are precious.

Because many of us remember what it was like to be a child and to see a world untethered by policies or procedures and instead full of magic and possibility.

Just because.
For now I will just run and hide when a child mentions Santa to me
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thankful 23: Blogs

Over the last month I have been saving all these awesome blog posts to write about that show why I am thankful for blogs. But, because I am just a little bit tired/overworked/underpaid/busy/losing my hair in stress, I forgot to send the link to work so I could do it at work during non working hours.

But alas, Jess at How Abour Orange came to save my hide again with yet another amazing christmas tutorial that even I make!

Aren't they cute! And by the looks of it, super easy to make! For the instructions on how to make them, head over to The Creative Place.

Wonder how they would go around fairy lights in our outdoor area for an upcoming sherbang we are having?
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

thankful 22: the internet

I love the internet. For many reasons.

It has opened up my knowledge of many topics, from weddings, to children, to how to install a pond. It has introduced me to many awesome people. It helps me to stay in touch with friends and family.

Today's reason for loving the internet is shopping.

Oh. My. God. Who would have ever thought I would write about shopping. Who woulda figured that one out!

But seriously, internet shopping is awesome. This week I have brought the husband's anniversary present, a christmas present, a calendar (made from iPhoto), a kris kringle present, some new work pants, a pair of shoes, a skirt (which I don't like and will sell on ebay), and some books. All from the comfort of my chair. In my pj's!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

More business

So, along with the meat, this weekend saw the purchase of a pond. Well, Thursday night saw the purchase of a pond on ebay. Sunday saw the picking up of said pond.

I thought the pond was located close to point A when I bidded on the item.

Turns out I may have been a little bit wrong. Like 60 kilometres wrong! Opps.

But I got my pond. I don't think the seller was very impressed, as I won it for $46 (a new one was above $200) and he made the comment that a few months back it would have sold for around $150. Them's the breaks buddy. Your loss is my win.

So rather than go all the way to Nobel Park to pick up a pond and come home again, I decided to make the husband drive me a little bit further, and go to the plant farm in Carrum Downs.

Wasn't he impressed with me today!

But it was well worth it. We brought 40 English Box Hedge plants for $80. The drugged out space monkey that served us charged us the wrong price, and well, considering she was quite rude about us wanting to pay for the plants, I said nothing. I took the plants and ran. Not that she was with it enough to even realise she charged us the wrong price for them. We did confirm with her they were English Box, so meh!

Now to plant said plants and install the pond.

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Thankful 21: IVF

I am extremely thankful for medical science that came up with IVF. Not only for myself, but for so many other deserving people.

Lately it seems like those who don't want to get pregnant (I am not having a go at anyone, please don't take offense, it's just an observation) get pregnant at the drop of a hat, and those who desperately want children have a long road ahead of them.

A number of my friends will use IVF or some form of assisted conception, and I hope that it works for them all, as they all deserve to be happy.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy little bees

The husband and I have been busy little bees this last few weeks.

A few weeks back we went to the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, as my boss told me they had some good meat there, that was quite cheap. Cool, I love cheap meat. So we went down one Saturday, and spent $300 on meat.

What does $300 of meat look like I hear you ask?

Like this:

In there there is: porterhouse steak, lean mince, chicken breasts, pork chops, chicken snitzles, sausages, lamb chops, and a roast pork. And it was good meat, I was very impressed by it all, except the mince which was a little fatty for lean mince.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later we had a power outage and our freezer cut out the safety circuit in the shed, causing us to have $300 worth of spoilt meat. Not cool!

Thankfully it was all covered on our house insurance, minus our excess. So this weekends task was to go and replace it all, to which we did. Being the week before christmas we expected chaos. And chaos we did not get. It was rather quiet, which was odd, but welcome. So several hundred dollars later, a roll of glad wrap, and a bag of glad bags, we have a full freezer again. Hopefully this lot is just as good, as we brought some for one of my sisters.

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Thankful 20: Books

Image from Flickr

I have 3.5 working days until I finish work for 9 days, and all I can thinking about is the time I plan to spend reading the books I have brought throughout the year and not read. I should never have joined a book club, they keep sending me books, and I promise myself I will read them, but I never get the time.

I heart books.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Window Treatments

I had been looking for some frosted glass sticker stuff for a long time. I found something that I liked, but it was discontinued, and the hunt began again.

Then I discovered Frost & Co. They have a wide range, and you can even have your names made into the frosting like this!


My favourite for our front windows is these flowers though

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Thankful 19: Parents

When I grow up I want to be like my mum. She is an amazing woman.

My parents divorced when I was 4, and she raised me as a single parent, who worked full time and still managed to teach me good values and morals. She raised me to be the person I am now, teaching me the value in education and working hard.

There is nothing she wouldnt do for me, and I am thankful for that

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Renovating Guide: Plans

A few people, namely Kahlee, have been asking about renovating. And it got me thinking about how we have learnt things over the last 1853 days (yes, I am counting). Which was kind of funny, as I had a similar conversation with a girl at work on this same topic.

The first thing to know about renovating, besides that you will need to acquire a house and preferably a money tree, is that it is hard work. hard, dirty work. And it takes up your time. Lots of your time. Majority of your time.

I don't know about the kind of renovating, where you paint a wall and call it done, I don't do that kind. I do the kind where you rip everything off the walls and find a penny and a big spider. The kind where it takes months and months for anything to happen.

But before anything happens, you need a plan. A firm one at that. You will also need Plan B, C and D. As well as Plan X, Y and Z. And it's not just how you will decorate your new abode. You need to know in advance a lot of boring things. Like what kind of timber you will use. Will you use 90x45 or 70x35? (I highly recommend 90x45, it makes buying door frames easier, as well as give extra structural support.) Where is the best price for timber? Is it cheaper to negotiate with a smaller hardware store, as opposed to Bunnings (we saved 75 cents per metre on timber by negotiating with our local store - or $200 big ones).

Will you use tradespeople, or attempt to do things yourself? What will you do if tradies don't show up on time. Or won't commit to your job?

What will you do with your stuff whilst you renovate? How will you cook/shower/sleep/watch tv?

And most importantly, how will you cope with the million and one arguements you and your partner will have over things? Because, trust me, they will happen. And it will be the BIGGEST drama ever. I have lost count of the times I have argued with husband about stupid things. Like door fittings. And windows. And placement of the dishwasher.

Renovating is tiring. Stressful. Consuming. Hard work. But, at the end of it, it is rewarding. I secretly love it when people comment on our house, saying how clever we are to have done it ourselves. Because I get to look back and say "yeah, I suppose it is a nice looking place now. It was worth it though".

Now, if you have any questions, from how we did something, to what we plan to do, how I would decorate something, to what you need to know about tools (ok, husband might help with that one), to how to coped whilst renovating, ask away. I have a few topics up my sleeve, but I want to know what you need to know.

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Thankful 18: Private Health Insurance

I was always one of those people who thought the public system was adequate. And it is. If you only need to use it occassionally. Like the times where you slice your finger open whilst cutting up dinner, spraying blood throughout your kitchen, requiring stitches and takeaway from dinner. Not that I know from experience. And there is bugger all choice where I live. It's public or nothing.

So a few years back our accountant told us to get Private Health Insurance, as we were paying the Medicare Levy. So we got a budget PHI cover. And it got us hooked. We swapped to their preferred dentist, who we like, and get 2 free checkups a year.

And it was kinda handy when I had to go in for surgery, as the waiting list for my laparoscopy was 6 months, and I needed it there and then! And it came in handy when I decided to have lapbanding done, and it picked up the $8,000 tab, which only left me out of pocked a few thousand.

And just like cruise control, it has become one of those things I couldn't live without. I am considering downgrading the husbands cover, as he never uses it, but I could never get rid of it fully, unless circumstances chosen. Of course, everyone's needs are different, but I do get good value from Medibank
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Operation Office: Somewhat complete

Remember all my grand plans for the office?

They went out the window with the rusty trowel during husbands tantrum.

But I have to admit, anything is better than its original state (think floorboard laid onto dirt as the stumps had disintegrated with a dingy little window no bigger than my head). And then there was this:

Love that green cornice (I must have been high as a kite when I chose that colour!)

A fresh coat of paint made a huge difference. If you look super carefully, you can see the skirting boards still need painting. It will happen when the carpet comes up, as it just seems too hard to paint around carpet.

The cute little Ikea boxes I brought. I need to get more of the folders from Officeworks this week though. I wasnt sure they would fit, so I didnt want to buy heaps and have them not fit. As luck would have it, they fitted fine! I have custom printed labels for the folders too, as they are now our filing cabinet.

See that nifty little cupboard in the bookshelf. Guess what it holds...the modem and hard drives! No more 'christmas tree gone mad light shows'

And the drawers? They hold pens and the like. I even rescued the old cutlery tray ($2 from Ikea) to sort out things. Works well actually.

The carpet is a way off, I calculated that if we do the office and the spare room in one hit we will have minimal wastage, which suits me, as there was heaps of wastage in our bedroom (they make you pay for a full meter!). So that won't be happening for a while yet, but the green isn't as offensive as it used to be.

I'm also waiting for Spotlight to have a sale on their Brown Oak blinds again, so that these ones match the kitchen blinds. I also plan to replace the bathroom blinds, so am defiantly waiting for their 40% off sale!
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