Friday, February 27, 2009

Taste the Colours

Recently, i found a recipe for a Rainbow Cake from HERE. Now, despite being disappointed that I couldnt get Neon Food Gel in Australia (damn you!) I thought I would give it a whirl.

So I started with this

Now, despite begging my husband for a Kitchen Aid for my birthday last year, its no secret that I am a pretty crap cook. I recently burnt a saucepan so bad that the metal burnt the whole way through :O. Thus I use a packet mix, as lets face facts, there is less for me to screw up.

I mixed the mixture, and for once, didnt manage to screw up, so far at least

Now, considering I live in a giant dirt hole, and have little access to shops, paired with my impatience to order the dyes from ebay and have them shipped here, i used regualar food colouring and made my own shades.

With minimal eating of the mixture, i dolloped them into muffin trays to get this

And a lovely pile of dishes to do :(

20 minutes later (plus a bit as i was on facebook) I pulled these little gems from the oven

Aren't they pretty?

Of course, this morning i had to put frosting on them, and sprinkles for added flavour.

And eventually I ended up with this for my morning tea :) (if only I had remembered to bring it to work, but noooo, I left it on the bench. Knobhead!)
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chicken Pox

[Wednesday 25th February]
[Mood: itchy (actually thats not a mood, but it will do)]

I went out to lunch with my lovely friend Kerry on the weekend and had a good time. Until she told me on Monday that a co-worker has chicken pox.

Ever since then i have been itchy. Currently I beleive it is all subconscious, i cant find any red dots on my body, but I must look odd, all i do is scratch my head all day long. Yesterday I found dots, but i think they were from my dog (who I beleive I am allergice to at the best of times...Brian doesnt beleive me, and just thinks I am too lazy to play with him).

So now I sit her itching my head praying for the pox to stay away until next week, as I have far too much on at work and can't take the time off. Surely that is the cue for me to break out in red spots.

Finally, does anyone know why they are called chicken pox? What did the chicken ever do to deserve that tittle? Pin It

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have an addiction...

...and its worse than hard drugs.

"My name is April, and I am addicted to TV".

I now watch 20 shows a week. My new favourite is 'My Family'

My Family is about the life of the Harpers, a fictional English family, who live in London. Ben, a dentist, and Susan, a tour guide who later works for an art gallery, have three children, Nick, Janey and Michael, all of whom cause problems in their own way. While Susan is a control freak, Ben prefers to leave the children to it and tries not to get involved. The humour, like most domestic sitcoms, derives from the relationships of the family members and the situations they end up in.

It stars Kris Marshall (from Love Actually), who always amuses me. Such a funny man. I started watching it yesterday, and haven't stopped laughing. Just as well as i am hope sick, laughter is the best medicine

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Monday, February 16, 2009

I have a new nephew

[Monday 16th February]
[Mood: tired]

And he is just so darn cute!

After making us wait an extra two weeks, he finally arrived last night. And from what photos we have seen of him, he is just so darn cute.

I (heart) babies.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

You know who i really dislike?

The CFA.

Not the volunteers though, they're great. The organisation as a corporate body.

I have been without my husband for 78 hours. Whilst I dont mind him going away to help fight fires, I do mind when he goes away to sit on his behind and do diddly squat. From what I have heard from him, he has used a hose once in 3 days, for around 3 hours. The other 33 hours he has done nothing.

It is made slightly worse by the complaints about the accomodation. My Brian is 6'4 or something stupid like that. He is tall. The bed he has been sleeping in is apparently  2' too short. His pillow is thinner than a sheet of paper, and the blankets are see through. They have to be fed and ready to get onto trucks at 7am. So they get up at 5am, as there is an hours travel. They get back to their accomadation at midnight at the earliest.  For once, he hasnt complained about the food, but then again, he will eat anything if he is hungry.

Now, here comes my gripe with the CFA. The boys did nothing today. They were at the staging ground quite early (around 6). They have sat around waiting to get on a bus for 3 hours. They could be two thirds the way home by now. But no, they had to sit on the grass for some knob to say "ok, you can go home now". So, now they are expected to arrive home between 2 and 3am, instead of a respectable 10pm.

So much for looking after volunteers
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today I fell down

and Tomorrow I pick myself up again.

[Wednesday 11th February]
[Mood: cursing my husband for not allowing me to install heating when we had our air con installed, its freezing in Victoria now!]

I like my job. I really do. I find it a bit mundane, but mainly because it seems I work at a pace faster than a snail (as required in government). But as much as I like it, I wish they would give me more to do. Honestly, I spend that much time on Google a day, i feel I should be being paid by them, not my currently employer. 

So, despite liking my current job, I applied for another. One closer to home. Three blocks from home to be precise. One worth more money. One that I didn't get.

To be honest, I didn't expect to get it, I was under-qualified for the role, but you never know. Yet this morning when I was told I didn't get the position I couldn't help but feel sad. So I moped about work today, and on the couch when I got home. But that ends now.

Tomorrow, I pick myself up, kiss my husband goodbye (he is going to fight fires on the otherside of the state until Monday) and approach my boss about paying for me to do a course. 

Tomorrow I move forward

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This week I wittnessed history (and I wish I didnt).

[Tuesday 10th February]
[Mood: thankful for everything I have, and on the verge of tears]

Living in the bush, i am all to awear of bushfires. I grew up in the country, and know the devistation that a fire can cause. Or least I thought I did. I never thought I woulds see what I saw this weekend gone.

(Photo from

This is what I imagine hell to look like. I am sure it is many thousands of Victorians image of hell, as they lost their loved ones, houses, properties, livlihoods and everything they own.

Today the death toll rose to 172 people. This is Australia's worst bushfire in history. And its not over yet. Forecast is for strong winds this evening, that are to fuel the fire even further.

I want to send a huge thanks to those who are currently in Victoria doing something with the bushfires. Firefighters. Police. Emergancy Services. Red Cross. the Salvo's. The Wildlife crews. Thank you. Words can not express how thankful we are for the selfless people that you are. You do an amazing job, for very little thanks.

Recently I had to deal with morons condemming my firefighter husband for a picture he posted on the internet. A picture that told his story of the bushfires. Of what he had to see on a day where he would have prefered to be sitting in the air-conditioning at home drinking a beer. These morons have very little clue about what it takes to risk your own life, more often than not against the wishes of their families, all for the good of your community.

So, I urge everyone to support the people affected by the bushfires in Victoria. And tell those that you love that you do love them. Don't waste time counting the things wrong in your life, just be thankful for everything you do have.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 By 25

Thanks to Kahlee who inspired me to create some goals before my 25th birthday

1. Drink more water - at least 1.5Ltr a day
2. Cut back on my sugar intake
3. Loose 10 kilos
4. Find a job that keeps me entertained all day
5. Save for our new kitchen
6. Let go of the past
7. Go somewhere neither Brian or I have been
8. Donate blood
9. Pay off my credit card
10. Take my mum to a High Tea for her birthday...we have been saying we will do it for 10 years now
11. Do something interesting locally one weekend a month with Brian
12. Save more
13. Ride the Southern Star
14. Have a dinner with my friends just to catch up
15. Walk our dog 3 times a week
16. Stick to a budget
17. Tell those I love that I do love them
18. Cut back on my internet time
19. Go to Tassie for a weekend

Ok, i cant quite think of 25 right now, any suggestions? Pin It