Saturday, January 31, 2009


[Saturday 31st January]
[Mood: bored]

I think my husband has started to make up work and fire call outs. Not that i think he is having an affair or anything, just so that he gets out of housework. They always seem to happen around the time we are about to start the dishes or there is washing to be folded :S
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weight Loss

[Wednesday 29th January]
[Mood: ready to kill the next person who says "it's hot out there]

Victoria is in the middle of a heat wave. You would have to be a moron to not know this, if you live in Victoria. So why must every friecken person who comes past my desk say "Jeez, its hot out there". No shit moron! We are sitting in a dark office with the air-con flat out and have gone through 2 drums of water today alone! Honestly, the next person who says the above comment to me is going to get a snappy comeback. Something along the lines of "Really? so i wont need my ski jacket to go outside?"

But that is not todays topic.

It's no secret that i need to loose weight. Somehow in the previous 6 years i have managed to go from slim to round. My curse is food. I like food. I judge events by the food they serve me. It doesnt need to be unhealthy food, i am a fan of fruit platters and i looooove veggies. I just like a lot of it.

So this morning when i got up it was 32 6.30am! After wasting an hour on facebook I was running late for work, and quickly threw on some clothes, makeup and was out the door. I forgot to eat breakfast. So i survived to morning tea time, but the grumbles were starting to be heard by others in the office. So i spent 10 minuts debating on what to have to eat: egg and bacon sandwich from the corner store, or museli that i didnt eat last week.

Pro's for egg and bacon sanga: includes a walk, can buy a bottle of juice whilst there, and allows me to get out of the office for 10 minutes. Cons: hardly healthy, though eggs are a source of protein, bread contains fiber, and juice is a fruit. Major con: involves walking outside in the 40 degree heat.

Museli won.

But the misson still stands: I need to loose weight. Keep me on track people, i need to be skinnier by christmas. I NEED to stick to this goal Pin It

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

So today on 'the best way to procrastinate for 3 hours' (otherwise known as facebook), i saw a thing about 25 Random things about the writer. And i thought, "heck, why not, I've got time". Actually no I didnt, I was meant to be writing a job application. But that can wait.

1. I was not born in April. I was given the name because my grandma and my great gran were both born in April, with my mum born pretty darn close to it. I was the odd one out being born in July, so I got the name instead.

2. Whilst on the topic of names, i got my middle name from 80's tv icon, Candice Burgen. Thanks mum!

3. I am allergic to antibiotics. They make my hands swell, and eventually the skin on my hands peels off. I am just like a snake :S

4. I am petrified of mice. Hate them with a passion. I refuse to touch a mouse trap, and go to the extent if our cat has touched a mouse i won't touch her for days.

5. I have no idea what i want to do with my life. That said, i am pretty happy just plodding along.

6. I can kill any plant. On a day where i thought i could overcome this, i planted 4 camillia plants outside our house. i have now replaced those plants 3 times. I refuse to admit they died, and just keep planting new ones in the vain hope that no-one will notice

7. My past is shady. I prefer not to speak of it, but I now work in a town where they knew me when it was shady. People don't forget things apparently.

8. I procrastinate. A LOT. I have wondered off three times now. 

9. I don't beleive in regrets, but i have them. Hypocritcal much? I regret some of the decisions I made in the past, especially not going to see my gran in her last days because my principal made me sit an assessment. She died that day and it hurts me a lot to know that i wasnt there.

10. I am slightly addicted to forums. I never joined a forum before our wedding. Now i struggle to go a day wtihout checking the forum. It has become a part of who i am.

11. I am a snob. There, I said it. I often judge people by their appearence and the shoes they wear. The only difference is that i am smart enough not to only judge them by this.

12. I love gadgets. The geekier the better.

13. I have a weakness for chocolate milk. It makes me sick, but its worth it.

14. I am scared to go back to my doctor, as i know what he is going to say, and its not going to be overly good. I prefer to avoid confrontation where-ever possible.

15. I like to get lost in my daydreams. I have our future planned all in my head, and then get disappointed when reality is different.

16. I know how to use a compound saw, along with many other tools. I just dont let Brian know that.

17. I love teeny-bopper movies.

18. I have one foot bigger than the other by half a size.

19. I have a cat that can be vaccuumed. It loves it. Seriously. It does.

20. I dont have confidence in myself, and its a weakness.

21. I often leave out parts of things when telling a story, as i dont like people knowing everything there is to me. Even my family only get half the story.

22. I somehow landed my current job with no experience, and am still not certain why they hired me.

23. Although i have many social networking decices, i am shocking at keeping in contact with people. Then again, i have learnt those who are true friends dont count who contacted who last.

24. I almost didnt go out with my husband because of something a friend said.

25. i love to laugh, but end up laughing at myself the most.

So there you go, some facts about moi!
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I was born into the wrong world

It has become increasingly clear that i was born into the wrong world. Rather than be a small town girl, i was really meant to be an Upper East Sider!

My love of fashion, style and shopping all lead me to believe I really should be living as a trust fund fashionista! My latest desire:

The Lady Dior Stamped Cannage Bag
At a small $1700, I somehow dont think that Brian will be buying it for me this lifetime!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleep-in's (or the lack of)

I'm not much of a sleeper. Have never been one to sleep until midday, unless i go to bed at 6am (not that i do that much these days either). But it's my thing at the moment, as i dare say when we have children, I won't be doing it for quite some time.

Last night i sat up watching a few movies (MissConception and St Trinnians...not a fan of either) and went to bed at 3, thinking "its all good, i can just sleep longer in the morning. i will be up by 10). 8am, and i am awake! Why you ask? Because my mum had been sitting by the phone all morning waiting to call me!!!! She was origionally going to call me at 7am, but thought better of it (wise woman).

So now I think I have agreed to go shopping with for the rest of the conversation, who knows what i agreed to :O
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Somday's the world is boring.

Every Monday i go back to work and feel as though there is so much i didn't do on the weekend. The list is endless with house renovations, gardening, cooking, visiting people and my favourite task: shopping.

Yet its the long weekend, and what do you know, i have nothing to do! I have four glorious days off, and not a thing to do. I have already made myself well accustomed with our couch, the Apple TV and the Wii, but nothing is taking my fancy :(

What's the bet on Tuesday i think of all the things i could have been doing instead of what i did!
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