Thursday, April 30, 2009


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It has been a sad week. Three of my favourite pairs of shoes have had bad health, and are now on life support. I think I will need to turn it off soon though, sad as it is for my shoes :(

So I need new shoes.

I love shoe shopping, but never find anything I like. I am cursed with being extreamly un-cordinated, and prefer to wear flat or kitten heeled shoes for the purpose of saving some dignity. I am also cursed in having a fat foot, so shoes need to be a bit wider than average, or have room to stretch.

I also love coloured shoes. My current shoes that I am wearing with my work uniform are pink. I have had them a year and a half and worn them at least 3 days a week since having them. I love them that much!

So I need your help. I need to buy shoes, and preferably online. I dont mind if the shoe shops are overseas, but I need your suggestions on where to go. My only pre-requisit is that its not from ebay.

Please help me
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8 Things

I was (self) tagged by the very talented Amy at Love, bubs and life on our little farm who always impresses me with her shopping purchases!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Having the house to myself for the weekend. I am planning on some sewing and some study IN PEACE!
2. having our robes arrive so we can ring the plasterers to come
3. Finally moving back into our bedroom when it is finished
4. My birthday in July
5. An operation that I have coming up soon. It starts a new begining for me
6. My neice's birthday, as her mum makes great cake...and I love little kid parties
7. LUNCH...I'm hungry
8. My cheque from K.Rudd...hurry up dammit!

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to work
2. Went out for lunch by myself, because I could
3. Laughed at my friend Britt, as her emails always make me laugh and smile
4. Made the husband cook me dinner...wasnt too bad, and I am still alive, so that is something
5. Light the heater at home as it was a cold night
6. Watched TV, after 4 weeks of no tv, it was well deserved
7. Researched a course I want to do for work
8. Spoke to relevant people about said course at work

8 Things I Wish I could do
1. Sew in general
2. Find the motivation to finish my current course
3. Not stress so much
4. Sort out my health
5. Not kill every plant I come into contact with
6. Take a fantastic photo of my cat
7. Remember more things
8. Not take my frustration out on those who I love

8 Shows I Watch
1. Gossip Girl
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Big Bang Theory
4. The Hills
5. Ugly Betty
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. Private Practice
8. Big Love

I'm not really sure how to tag people on a blog, but feel free to take it over to your blog (and let me know how to tag people)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I love

Nothing interesting is happening on the home front, other than I might finally be getting better, and that I have new Tupperware.

So this post is about the things I love right now

Am yet to use it on a cake, but it looks so easy to use!

Duck Magic Scrubs for Cleaning the bathroom. Sorry to those who do the whole vinegar and bicard thing, but I really can't make it work for us, Brian is too much of a fan of spreading soap scum!

After 4 weeks, we finally have our tv back from the repair place, which means I have a renewed love for our Apple TV

We love it so much we got rid of our DVD player as it hadnt been used in the 12 months we have had our Apple TV.

Next is my  Canon 450D

I brought my camera a year ago, and never really got around to learning how to use it properly. For months now I have been shooting in Auto (oh the shame). This week I have made myself sit down and learn how to shoot in manual. And by golly I think I might have finally learnt something. I do however now have 6 million photos of my cat ;)

And finally, I love our wood heater that my husband lights for me each night when we get home

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A tradition in our house

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Every Monday we get the Aldi catalogue. Now we get other catalogues, but none of them are as interesting as the aldi one.

Why is the Aldi catalogue so interesting, you ask?

It isn't because I am a bargain shopper and get the cheaper food at Aldi, as well I am far to lazy to go to two supermarkets, so I still shop at Woolies. It's because you never know what you are going to get. You never know what random thing Aldi will advertise. This week it is linen (reasonable looking linen too, no idea on the quality though). The other week it was a generator.

A GENERATOR I TELL YOU! Like the one in our shed. That was the week they also had power tools. Before that it was camping gear. And shoes. The list goes on.

And so we look forward to Mondays to see what random products Aldi will come out with.

How sad am I?!?
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I never thought I would become addicted to Twitter. A year ago when I first looked at it, it seemed lame, but in the interest of technology research, I gave it a go. It wasn't my thing.

And then a few months back, I gave it another chance, and it became my thing. I use iGoogle, and had a gadget that updated twitter without having to go to the website. Worked well, as I could check what was going on and 10 seconds later, move on with my life. It was a good system. It was my sanity breaks at work, as I dont have a lot in common with the people I work with. It wasnt a thing I hung out for, more just a way of keeping some sanity in a workforce where most people are 25 or more years older than myself.

And then yesterday I went to look at it, and it was gone. Twitter was blocked. It had been sent to the same place as Facebook, YouTube and eBay. The blackhole that IT control, never to be seen by us commoners again. And I missed it. I didnt miss it enough to check it on my iPhone during the day, but I still missed it.
Now, I understand the reasoning behind its block, its hardly work productive, has no relation to our work, blah blah blah. Same reasons given for everything else that has been blocked. And I can see the logic in it. But, and there is always a but, smoking doesnt have anything to do with our work. Nor does drinking coffee in the kitchen. Or going and chatting to a friend in another department for half an hour. Or reading the local newspaper. But those things are allowed. And I rarely do any of those during the day, but Twitter is different? I am pretty darn sure I spend less time reading twitter of a daytime than some people in my office spend outside smoking...
But, thats just the way the world roles I guess. IT have the power, and well, I don't...yet!
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Twinkle, twinkle, diamond ring,
In a blue box tied with string.
Tiffany's new princess cut,
Twice the size of baby's butt.
Twinkle twinkle, show your spark,
Can't change nappies in the dark."

It is a few months til my birthday, but as my husband is a avid reader of my blog (and a crap present buyer), I thought I would start hinting at present ideas now, so we dont have the same issues we had last year.

Story: Last year we brought a brand new car, that was meant to be delivered in a weeks time. It didnt arrive. So Brian tried with all of his might to get it here for my birthday. It didnt come. Disappointment. It was also iPhone launch day on my birthday...Optus didnt get their stock in. Major disappointment. I wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer. I got a handbag. Tears were shed. By Brian. When I sulked so much he brought me the the Kitchen Aid by the end of the day.

So here are my hints:

Dior On the Rocks Sunglasses

Or Dior Mist 2 in Black

Tiffany Key

That is the start of my list, I'm sure I will think of more as the weeks pass. Pin It

More renovating in the freezing cold!

I love Victoria's unpredicatable weather. Its awesome. Yes, sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, but it's true. Victoria is a great place to live if you are a penguin. Or insane. One day its warm and sunny, the next its pouring rain and 9 degrees out. What makes it even more fun, is when you dont have any wall coverings in part of your house!!!

So I have spent today laying in front of the wood heater with the cat doing some homework whilst husband renovated. In defence of my laziness, he was doing the wiring, which was a one person job.

But I am happy to say, our room is as close as its going to get for the plasterers. We are currently waiting on the robes to arrive, but then that is it!

What was the old fireplace half


Framework for the plasterers

Insulation and wiring in






So thats it, now to wait for the plasterers to arrive.

Now, given all of this, you would think we would take some time to sit back, relax and admire our handy work.

Not in this household! 

Today we had a discussion about replacing the 100 year old timber floorboards in our lounge and hallway. I love our timber floorboards, and whilst we had toyed with the idea of laying down carpet, with children on the cards, its possibly not the best choice for our dining room. But our current boards are 100 years old, and have 100 year old cracks in them. Not to mention 50 million nails. We worked out the pricing, and its not as bad as I thought it would be (ie it's cheaper than carpet, so that keeps the tightwad husband happy). We stained our origional boards ourselves many moons ago, so it shouldnt be such a task. And the boy thinks he should be able to do it in a weekend. So that will possible be our next project before the carpet goes in. I love it how some things keep making it to the bottom of the list. Its a bit like renovating our kitchen, we keep finding cheaper tasks to do before renovating it, as we know it will be a vortex of disappearing money!

Now I am off to do some more sitting in front of the heater

Toodle Pip!!!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

My first ever trip to centrelink

Today I made my first ever trip to centrelink. Not bad for someone who is almost 25!

Our centrelink is a brand new building that replaced a building that had no faults. I swear it was just a way to waste my tax payer money *shakes fists at friscal spending*

Now, whilst I have never been to centrelink, I am well awear of its reputation, and the going on's of the organisation. Hell, I even follow a guy who regularly tweets about his centrelink experiences (makes for good reading). So I went today expecting little.

And they were right on target! I go and and stand in the waiting section. Bless the weather, I was the only person waiting (1 point to centrelink). I wait 10 minutes in line (acceptable I suppose, its the same as an average wait time at woolies in my town).

And then it happens. I see a mouse.

Now, before anyone tells me "its just a little mouse, it won't hurt you", I once went to the toilet in the middle of the night and was bitten by a mouse. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Thank the lord I was on the loo, as I almost had an oops. Another time (at the same infested house) I went to the loo and stood on a mouse. So, yes, I am scared of mice to the point where I will run and scream at the sight of a mouse.

And that is just what I did today. I screamed, and ran to the couch in the waiting bay and sat there with my feet under my body.

Let's just say, I am never returning to my local centrelink again. I will happily drive the hour to the next town if I ever need to return to Centrelink. The woman who served me was giggling about it throughout our conversation about grant money. And whilst taking my identity. I swear I am on file as "the girl who screamed like being she was being murdered at the sight of a baby mouse".

And for all the points that centrelink scored, they lost 50 million by not having effective pest management.
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How a duck become a giraffe

The best thing about my job is having Friday's off. I love it, especially when it has rained all day and night (thank you god, Victoria needed it, and we need more if it's not too much trouble). So, with no tv to watch, and nothing good to do at home, I went to my mums' for the day.

Being the clever little thing I am, I took my Giraffe pattern and material with me.

Now my mum is a shift worker, and had just come off night shift, so I possibly didnt pick my day too well, but for the little sense she made, I didnt do too badly. Besides stuffing the boddy with batting rather than stuffing (she said the bag by the window in the sewing room...clearly I picked the wrong bag). 

But I am proud to say that I cut, sewed, stuffed, and made eyes and ears for my giraffes with no assistance from my ever-so-tallented mother. However, I have left Gertie (as it shall now be known) with her to sew up his stuffing holes, as she is far better at that kind of thing than I am.

And this was the result

Not too bad, despite the wonky ears. Will post a finished photo when he is done
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Good Karma, or Good Luck?

When we packed up all of our belongings from our bedroom before renovating, i took it as a time to have a good clean out of stuff i didnt use.

Thus my handbag collection got smaller. Between the two of us we filled 3 huge garbage bags of clothes, shoes and accessories. Not bad considering I last did a clean out at Christmas time.

Yesterday I received a call whilst I was at work. This is unusual, as generally I only get calls from my mum and husband at work, and as its the week before finance run, not even creditors ring me. I work for the government, they know they will get their coin.

So, anyway, I received a call at work from a lady who had brought a handbag from the Salvo's. My handbag. And apparently I had left some stuff in there (oops). Of those thigns were:
*my work name bar (handy, she knew who to call)
*some vitamins
*a tampon (which she returned...i would have thrown it in the bin personally, but eh)
*a receipt from Maccas
and my Tiffany Toggle bracelet. The bracelet Brian gave me for my 21st. The bracelet I hadnt even noticed was missing!

Now, either this woman is very honest, bless her cotton socks, or has no idea what that bracelet is worth. Either way, I am thankful for her going out of her way, not only to ring me at work about it, but to return everything to my letter box yesterday.

Somedays I curse living in the country, but other days, like today, i love how people will go out of their way for a stranger and do a good deed.

Makes me want to go out and help others though, which i suppose we all should do

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help me decorate my hallway

Our TV is still in at the repair place (tis been 4 weeks now, not impressed) and I am finding myself thinking about things more.

Tonight's thought is not of the GFC, or poverty, but of how to decorate my hallway.

It is a narrow 'room' (see here if you dont know what my hall looks like. We used to have a hall table in there, but alas that is now  my linen press. And the space on the other wall is too narrow for the table (unless I want bruises on my legs for the next 5 years).

We have a feature wall in our lounge of wedding photos, so thats a no go. However it is the only wall that can be decorated in the hallway, so I want something there.

Do you have any suggestions of what i could do?
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You suggest WHAT?!?!?

A few months back I had my wisdom teeth removed. Lucky me.
Actually I was lucky, I was one of those people who was in no pain before having them removed, nor did I have a great amount of pain afterwards. I had no bruising, no mangled looking face, and no horror stories to tell. The most horrific part of the surgery was when they made me lay on a bed in the waiting area for an hour, without being able to browse the internet on my iPhone...they didn't even give me a trashy mag to read!
Oh, and there was my bung eye that kept rolling backwards after I came out...husband found this to be extremely funny.
But, anyway, there is more to this story. Despite my luckiness with the surgery, afterwards I was not so lovely. I lost sensory feeling in my hands. I could pat the doormat and it would feel as soft as silk. And then my skin peeled off my hands and feet. It was like I was severely sunburnt with blisters, but no blisters, just the peeling skin. I shed my skin for 3 weeks.

Fearing this was not normal, seeing as though this was the second time it had happened in 6 months (what can I say, I like the food they give you in hospital), I headed off to my GP. Now, one of the jots of living in a small town is that GP's never seem to stick around for very long. We are close enough to the city that they can find other jobs, but far enough out that it classifies as their 'country service'. Alas I see a new doctor just about every time I go to the clinic.
The doctor I saw was, different, to put it politely. I was the first appointment of the day, yet I did not get seen until an hour after my appointment. The reason: she had got confused on what patients she was meant to be seeing, and was seeing all the triage patients first...despite not being the triage doctor that day! (I was pissed off that some sniffling drugged off their head moron got in before me, so it clouded my judgment a bit).
So anyway, I explain my case to her and tell her that I want to have a skin allergy test done. She looks at me blankly. Fearing that her ethnicity might be proving a communication barrier, I explain an allergy test to her. She (rudely) tells me 'she knows what an allergy test is, but doesn't understand why I want one'. Her diagnosis was "to not take antibiotics for the rest of my life".

Righto, this is where the nice pleasant April disappears, and the cranky one appears. I am seething. I am 24, and pretty darn sure I will need to take antibiotics in the next 60 odd years. I ask for another doctors opinion about the allergy testing. Another doctor agrees, and writes me a referral. Off I troddle, still seething, especially as it cost me $60 for her diagnosis.
Anyway, today I went for my skin test. Turns out I am allergic to penicillin. Sure as hell glad I found that out before I was dead
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I read MamaMia daily and often sit at work and discuss what Mia has had to say that day. There are times where I find her patronizing, but othertimes where I find myself nodding at the end of every sentance.

Today was a nodding day.

I hate fake tan. It is just that. FAKE. I am sorry, but no fake tan looks natural. No matter how many times I am told "it is customised to the perfect shade for you" I will refuse to get a tan. I am pale. I always have been pale. I have freckles. I do not tan. So why would I willing pay someone $30 to look like Valintino?

Bloody hell, the man is fashion god, and not short of a few bob, but how on earth can he walk out onto the red carpet looking like an Oompa Loompa? Honestly, who on earth did that tan? And why the feck didnt they do his neck? (they, that rhymes, clever arent i?)

Why are we so ashamed of our natural skin colour that we need to cover it up with something that is not natural? I am making a stand and staying a ghostly shade of white with brown freckles, because hell, its who i am. Pin It

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a little bit pedantic?

To say i am a little bit pedantic about certain things in our household is to say Hilter was only a little bit mean to the jewish.

My big thing currently is clothes folding. Odd, i know, but hey, its the way i roll.

With our new robes, our folded clothes will be on a shelf, as opposed to being hidden in a drawer like they currently are. Which means I want things folded nicely, just incase Martha ever came to visit me, and looked in my cupboards (hey, it might happen one day). Now I tried the YouTube video and there are too many constraints. My shirts could end up folded different widths! Not to mention far to complicated for the boy!

So my newest purchase is a  Flip Fold System . It makes sure than everything is folded the same shape and size all the time. Hell it's so easy, the boy could do it!

All for the bargain price of $20. Money well spent on my sanity if you ask me!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Painter I am not

In my next life, please god, don't make me be a painter. I dont have the patience for it, nor the skill. And lets just say I am not a skillful person up a ladder. I am however good entertainment for the kids next door. LOL

Today I painted the house. It took me an hour to stop cursing my father in law for not being willing to do it for me (terribly inconsiderate), and actually go and find the paint and brushes in the shed (finally, something I was able to find in there!)

So, this is what i started with

Now I wanted to reboard the whole wall, as some of those boards look like the origional ones from 1907, and well are coated in about 10 layers of paint. Paint that wasnt well maintained before we brought the house. But, after yesterdays incident with the weatherboard shopping, I was outvoted. Oh well, I dont plan to spend the rest of my life in this house, so someone else can deal with it.

So up the ladder the paint tin and I go, brush in mouth ala Mr Squiggle style. Paint tin comes dangerously close to falling off the ladder and onto the puppy below, but i stopped that one from occuring (thank god, as i couldnt be bothed bathing the dog). Start painting. Half way through the first coat my inlaws arrive. Great, some other poor suckers to help me do this. Unfortuantly they were on route to a car club function (likely excuse) and were not willing to help. How rude. I took your son and made him into a man, and you cant paint on lousy wall for me? Pft!

So i continue. I learn its 10 times easier to put a decent amount on the brush the first time. Eventually i get the first and second coats done.

Dont look too closely, you will see how rough i was. I will paint the green blue when the glazier has put the new glass in the top left window and done the front door. Until then it can stay cack green. Pin It

The easiest soup recipe ever

One thing I love about the winter months (besides my birthday :D ) is soup. I love soup. And I have the easiest recipe ever for chicken and sweet corn soup. It just so happens to be your lucky day, as I am going to share it with you

half BBQ chook (you could use breasts, but makes the recipe less easy, so i dont)
tin of creamed corn
4 chicken stock cubes
4 cups boiling water (1 litre)
handful of chopped shallots

Boil kettle and mix water with stock cubes.
Roughly dice chicken (or shred it, either way) and put into sauce pan with stock mixture. Add tinned corn. Stir

Put on medium heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat

Give a quick mix with the barmix stick, maybe a minute tops. Add shallots.

Voila, done. Worlds easiest meal. Pin It

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another weekend spent renovating

Well, actually thats a lie, as it's only been one day. But ole Bronski has to go to work tormorrow in Melton (sucked in, having to work in the worst part of Melbourne), so it was today or nothing.

The slave driver I am chose today ;)

Now, the day started like this: we got up at 8.30, with plans to be at Mitre10 at 9 (they're only around the corner, so very handy) to get weatherboards and no more gaps. 9.30 we finally moved our bums from the couch. Got in ute. Flat battery, as brian left his fridge and fire radio going over night. Swear words were yelled. Generator removed from back of ute, battery charged.

Finally make it to Mitre10, get the stupid little boy who thinks he knows it all, when really he knows jack. I know more about building than he does (and i dont know much). He sells us overpriced weatherboards (mental note to self: shop around next time, they were $1.50/meter cheaper at Bunnings).

So now it's to start with removing old weatherboards, mainly because some fool cut the hole for the window too big, and no more gaps wasnt going to cut it this time. So off come the boards.

On go the boards. We get 2 boards from the top of the window and realize we are short. More expletives exchanged. Brian gets in the ute, tries to start it. Nothing. Battery still flat. I run and hide, as he is still holding his hammer, and i fear it going flying through the windscreen. Next door neighbor happens to drive by and gives him a tow start. Crisis averted.

Husband returns with weatherboards (now cursing buying a weatherboard house, so fricken expensive) and we continue. We get to the top of the window and Brian sends me to the shed to find the roll of stuff (so very descriptive). I presume he means the weatherstrip which is a giant roll of silver foil. Can't find it. Brian yells at me to open my eyes and have a boy (proper) look. Exchange expletives. He comes to look for it, still cant find it. Mark sarcastic remarks about having a proper look.

So off to Mitre 10 I go again. Seek our favorite store-man. He finds me what I want and promises to exchange it if boy doesn't want that stuff. Home again. husband impressed with my shopping abilities (yay me). Break for lunch (sausages with onion and sauce in bread, as i was sooking our Mitre10 doesn't do a BBQ like Bunnings bastards!)

Come back after lunch, apply weather shield stuff (for those who don't know, it stops rain from getting under the boards when they are up against something like the top of a window). Am congratulated again on purchase, is 10 times better than the stuff we have somewhere. My step dad shows up, yet i still get told to get up a ladder. Now i don't have any issues with heights, but i can think of better places to be when the local morons keep driving by starting at my large rump up a ladder. Finish weatherboards off.

With my stepdad here, decide to install false ceiling, as he has better nailgun skills that i (pft, thats what they think). I get the job of walking the nail gun between them. Thrilling stuff. Ceiling finished.

Brian starts to pack up. Its 3.30. I crack the sulks and tell him to stop complaining to me about the mattress in the spare room, as he is the one who is stopping working. Retreat to couch and peruse Twitter. Sulking works, Brian continues working, he washes the weatherboards, and goes to no more gaps the gaps. Shit, knew we forgot something at Mitre10, and now they're shut. More expletives. Instead we rewire the switchboard so that the powerpoint in the hallway works (thank the lord, its only taken 3 years). Begin straightening the hallway wall. Eventually come to a hurdle and give up for the night.

And who said I don't know how to get people to do things I want them to??? Pin It

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Turning into my mother

It's official. Besides looking like my mother, I am turning into her as well.

I have just spend 2 hours browsing Esty for fabric. As well has haivng some fabric delivered tonight. And buying more tonight. And a sewing pattern.

Yup, just call me Ruthie.

But because I like sharing with you, i shall show you my stash

I am also planning on making some of the bibs I posted about a few weeks ago. Now to find a weekend when my mummy is home to sew it all for me help me with it ;)
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An Evil Laugh

Every now and then i stalk check out what other bloggers are fans of. So I thought I would share the love, and introduce you to the world i stalk.

So through Confussion Soup I found Red Neck Mummy which usually gives me a good laugh. Even more so when I read entries to my office. The entry that I just linked you to is one of my favourites though.

Shoot me, I have an evil side ;) Pin It

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An apple a day...

It's no secret that I am an Apple lover. I love my macs.

It all started in 2003 when my ex-boyfriend brought me a pink iPod Mini. It was (and still is) very me. I love it to bits, I took it everywhere. Not only was it ever so handy at the gym (back when I used the gym), it was a fashion accessory.

Several years later, I brought a Macbook Pro. And then a Macbook. And an Apple TV. And several other iPods. And an iPhone.

I will preach to anyone who is willing to listen the benefits of a mac over a windows computer. The ease of use, the better programs, the lack of errors, no viruses, the prettiness. Everyday I go to work and curse my windows computer. It restarts at least once a day. Internet Explorer closes down at least 12 times a day on me. It has more issues than I can count. It doesnt even come close to comparing to my mac at home.

Until I updated my blog at work today. It was a dream. Pictures inserted easily. Text didnt reformat itself for the fun of it. I was suprised.

And then it crashed, and I cursed, and figured it was god's way of telling me that Macs are still better than windows ;)

EDIT: I take it all back, I cant find the post about my weekends renovating from today, so clearly windows is not better
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Renovating Snobbery?

Recently I was speaking with a friend about renovating. Now we all know what I am doing with my house currently, and that is what I classify as renovating. it includes saws, timber, nails, swear words, destruction and construction.

Anyway, my friend was telling me she was renovating her house. Now my little ears perked up at this and I asked what she was doing. She was painting a wall. Instantly my shoulders dropped and I got a serious look on my face. She was one of those people. The people who make out painting is a renovating task.

Now to me painting is painting. Its redecorating. Not renovating. And when I told my husband this he called me a snob.

So, am I a renovating snob?

Photo from Flickr Pin It

More Renovations

The weekend saw Brian and I do some more renovating, though not nearly as much as I would have liked, thanks to Brians new motorbike.

We did however get to straighen out the timber in the existing walls

Knock out the hallway wall

Build our linen press


Build our built in robes (which I swear have more timber than our entire house in them)

Cut a hole in our front wall




And install a new window


The plasterer came around last night and will have a quote back to us by the end of the week (thanks to Kevie, he is paying for it). I need to find the spade bit to do the cable running first though.

We're getting closer though :) Pin It