Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Addition

WARNING - This post may distress some readers, especially if you are as scared of mice as I am.

I have an irrational fear of mice. I don't like them, can't be near them, and will scream at the sight of a mouse. I am petrified of mice. On my list of fears it goes something happening to my baby, something happening to the husband, and then mice. So a mouse plague is a lovely thing for me. Which is why I have found the end of the drought to be rather distressing, it means that there is now a mouse plague. Ok, so the drought ending was good for the farmers, but really bad for me. It was alright in our household, I hadn't spied a mouse.

Until one lazy sunday when I laid down for a mid-morning nap I layed down and heard our cat running around like an idiot, so got back up. We the husband had put a few traps down (and hidden behind things so I didn't have to look at them), and I couldn't hear the cat meowing, so I figured she had seen a mouse and was chasing it. I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I got up: a mouse had been caught in a trap and she had dragged the trap and mouse to the middle of the lounge room and deposited it in the middle of the rug. I burst into tears and rang the husband (who was out cutting wood at the farm). Apparently he didn't find an already dead mouse a good enough reason to come back into town, so I was left to my own devices. It was lucky that I had clean clothes in hand, and a phone at the back of the house, as I wasn't going back into the lounge room. I rang a friend's husband to see if he could deal with the mouse, but unfortunately he wasn't home. I decided to have my shower, calm down a little and hash out a plan.

Whilst in the shower I decided on a genius plan of getting my bogan neighbour to deal with the mouse. So I got dressed, brushed my hair, and walked next door to ask him to deal with it. Let's just say he was very gracious and least stifled his hysterical laughter until after he had removed the mouse from my house and was walking back to his house.
So just when I am finally feeling safer in the house again, and had calmed down enough to be able to sit on the lounge, another two make an appearance (could have been the same mouse, but I doubt it, one looked fatter). I burst into tears and yelled at it to stay behind the bookcase where it has made a nest. It didn't listen to me, so I grabbed my laptop and phone and drove out to my mums house. 

I rang the husband on the way out, and told him about the mouse. He promised to deal with it when he got home, moving the bookcase and cleaning behind it. He also made the wise move of gooping around the fireplace with No More Gaps where we think the mice were getting in. 

Fingers crossed it works as let's just say that going back to work is looking mighty appealing compared to spending a day screaming at a mouse.
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  1. You poor thing! I used to have a cat who was a really good mouser. She would catch them out in the street or yard and bring them home to eat. The problem was, she would eat the whole mouse except for the feet, so I was always finding mouse feet in weird spots. Ewww!

  2. I love your story, and I know its not funny and I was the same once. I hate mice, cant stand them - rats are worse though!! But being on a farm, they are part of our life and particularly bad at the moment. So I have been baiting our sheds twice weekly, and at the first sign of a mouse in the house I took all of the linen out of the cupboard and put food into containers and set traps. I have foam filled, steel wool plugged and siliconed holes (being an old house) whereever I can, but I am catching them daily. And yes they do hop around in the traps drag themselves to another and get caught in two at once!! Its disgusting, but to be rid of them its a shared process with us taking turns and I hate it! Hope you are rid of yours, I only hope the cold doesnt bring them in more to ours!
    Rebecca x

  3. I hear you, it's the most awful thing ever, good luck with the plague, it's here all over Canberra. Love Posie

  4. You poor thing! My husband just caught a rat in a trap under our house. I left it totally for him to deal with. They are horrid creatures aren't they!!! Ange

  5. I've just come across your blog, so this is one of the first posts I've read.

    I too, hate mice. Infact I had tears in my eyes and was getting all agitated just reading what you had to deal with.

    My husband was reading over my shoulder and he find it hilarious that there is someone else out there who is just as irrational as me - I also make him hide the traps so I don't have to see them :)

    You have my sympathy


  6. Oh thank goodness it isn't only me! I am pleased to say that we haven't had a mouse in our house (that I know of) for a fortnight now - quite possibly because they worked out they would be cleaned within an inch of their life if they came within me ;)


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