Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eliza's Second First Birthday

confused much? Yeah me too.

So with the first birthday being a write off, it was lucky her party was planned for the very next day.

I scoured pintrest for many many months, collecting ideas on what I wanted in a birthday party. In the end I decided I wanted finger food, a pink and orange theme, and a bunny cake.

Must have a bunny cake.

Eliza woke up in a good mood (as in not screaming, its always a good mood if she isn't screaming), and we were able to open some presents.

It is very lucky for me (who doesn't do pretty baking) that my sister in law is a magician when it comes to decorating cakes, and offered to whip something up for me. I can not describe how thrilled I was when she walked in with this creation! The woman is a magician I tell you!

(See the food in the background - finger food. Another tick)

The girl was spoilt rotten, she is very lucky to have some wonderful friends and family who love her almost as much as her mummy and daddy.

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  1. Happy birthday Eliza! I'm so glad that her second first birthday went so much better than her first one, poor cherub.

    We have suffered a bit being in Dariwn which really is so far away from friends and family… Poor F got a cake and her mum and dad for her first birthday. I think Harrie will enjoy having a cake, mum, dad and a big sister for hers!

  2. Love the cake, the food and the cute Eliza!!

  3. thanks guys :)

    Brooke, she loved her second birthday a whole lot more than her first birthday. Thankfully, I was terribly worried she would be miserable the whole day and just scream.

    I would hate to be away from family, it must be really tough :( We're very lucky that our families are willing to travel to see us, I was estatic that my pregnant best friend made the two hour drive with her three kids to see Eliza. It meant the world to me that she put herself out that much.

  4. Happy Birthday Eliza! She looks thrilled with that gorgeous cake! Thank you for your kind comment about the blog..I'm such a dill ever closing it down. Have a lovely week..Rachael


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