Monday, June 4, 2012

Eliza's Turns One. Twice.

Nothing ever goes to plan in our world. Eliza's birthday was not an exception to this.

The poor dear was sent home from daycare the day before her birthday, as she had a mid-level fever and was miserable. By the time I got to her she was into the high end of fever, and whimpering. A quick dose of panadol gave some relief, but not enough to warrant going to daycare the next day.

The daycare I send her to is a lovely place, a place where the staff are lovely, caring and go out of their way to make each child feel special. When it's a child's birthday they have a party in the room, and give a card and have cake, however Eliza had to postpone her party due to staying home with Daddy.

I had arranged to work half a day on Friday, with the plan of getting the grocery shopping done, dealing with the bank for settlement, and spending some quality family time with Eliza.

Instead I quickly did the grocery shopping, picked up the husband and Eliza, flew to the bank to sign contracts (a whole other saga) and we spent our quality time sitting in the doctors surgery with a miserable child. Diagnosis: fever, ear infection, throat infection and quite possibly a school sore on her mouth.

Not the plan we had for her birthday.

By the time we left the surgery and got home it was dinner time, where we endured the nightly battle of eating, and the girl was in bed by 6.30pm. She didn't even get to open her presents from us :(

First birthdays are meant to be memorable. Eliza's will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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