Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleep-in's (or the lack of)

I'm not much of a sleeper. Have never been one to sleep until midday, unless i go to bed at 6am (not that i do that much these days either). But it's my thing at the moment, as i dare say when we have children, I won't be doing it for quite some time.

Last night i sat up watching a few movies (MissConception and St Trinnians...not a fan of either) and went to bed at 3, thinking "its all good, i can just sleep longer in the morning. i will be up by 10). 8am, and i am awake! Why you ask? Because my mum had been sitting by the phone all morning waiting to call me!!!! She was origionally going to call me at 7am, but thought better of it (wise woman).

So now I think I have agreed to go shopping with for the rest of the conversation, who knows what i agreed to :O
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