Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weight Loss

[Wednesday 29th January]
[Mood: ready to kill the next person who says "it's hot out there]

Victoria is in the middle of a heat wave. You would have to be a moron to not know this, if you live in Victoria. So why must every friecken person who comes past my desk say "Jeez, its hot out there". No shit moron! We are sitting in a dark office with the air-con flat out and have gone through 2 drums of water today alone! Honestly, the next person who says the above comment to me is going to get a snappy comeback. Something along the lines of "Really? so i wont need my ski jacket to go outside?"

But that is not todays topic.

It's no secret that i need to loose weight. Somehow in the previous 6 years i have managed to go from slim to round. My curse is food. I like food. I judge events by the food they serve me. It doesnt need to be unhealthy food, i am a fan of fruit platters and i looooove veggies. I just like a lot of it.

So this morning when i got up it was 32 6.30am! After wasting an hour on facebook I was running late for work, and quickly threw on some clothes, makeup and was out the door. I forgot to eat breakfast. So i survived to morning tea time, but the grumbles were starting to be heard by others in the office. So i spent 10 minuts debating on what to have to eat: egg and bacon sandwich from the corner store, or museli that i didnt eat last week.

Pro's for egg and bacon sanga: includes a walk, can buy a bottle of juice whilst there, and allows me to get out of the office for 10 minutes. Cons: hardly healthy, though eggs are a source of protein, bread contains fiber, and juice is a fruit. Major con: involves walking outside in the 40 degree heat.

Museli won.

But the misson still stands: I need to loose weight. Keep me on track people, i need to be skinnier by christmas. I NEED to stick to this goal Pin It

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