Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bedroom 1

Finally, I have got Brian to agree (read: he was held to ransom) to renovating our bedroom. To do this, we need to also renovate our hallway

So this is our bedroom as it stands now (excuse the mess)



And the hallway


the plan is to (in the bedroom)
  • cover over the chimney in our room and put a built in robe along that whole wall.
  • Put in a new window that is double the size of the current one
  • Lower the ceiling to 9ft
  • Put in new powerpoints (they are currently in crazy spots), downlights, and a sweep fan
  • Replaster
  • Replace the door with another one the same (i broke this one with my coat hooks)
  • Paint
  • New carpet

And in the hallway
  • Put in a linen press where the blue tape is on the wall
  • Put in a new light (Brian wants a plain downlight, i want a cool pendant light)
  • Move the air con panel and light switches to the side closest to the front door
  • Replaster
  • Replace green glass with clear frosted glass
We will keep the floorboards in the hallway at this stage, i am rather fond of them again. Plus they are good with my allergies.

So to start with, I need to move the stuff out of the spare room to the shed, move our cupboards and tallboys into the spare room, and move the rest of the stuff into the shed. Then its demolition time :D

Stay tuned for more renovating moments Pin It

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  1. I can't believe how much you guys have done yourselves, we can't do much at all we always have to call the builders, we are hopeless. How come you are lowering the ceilings? In Sydney the higher the ceilings the higher the price!


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