Friday, March 6, 2009

The drama of the ring

This is my engagement ring. It has a matching paved wedder.

Lets take a walk down memory lane.

Brian and I got engaged in late 2006. Being the girl i am, he let me choose my own ring, as, well, it was safer that way. So we went through every jewellers in the town i was at uni in, the town we live in, and eventually to Melbourne. I couldn't find the ring I loved. I knew what I wanted, but just couldn't find it. We had made a promise that we wouldn't tell anyone until we had the ring, and that wasn't going to last much longer. We stopped in at a store in a town close to us, and I found a ring i was happy with, so we brought it. Fantastic.

6 months later I was looking at wedding bands, and found the engagement ring I originally wanted in a set. The set was around the price we would have paid to have my wedding band made, so I convinced Bri to buy it. I have two engagement rings :D  Even better was that it was from the jewellers in our town.

Now, a smart person would have ordered both rings at the same time, but alas, I is not a smart person. So we ordered the e.ring, with the wedder to follow in a few months. Happy days.

Or not. A couple of months later when I went to order the wedder, the nice lady had gone, and I was left with a complete fool. A fool who told me that the matching wedding was no longer available, and they would have to custom make it for me for the same price. Not happy

So they made my wedder, and was due to be picked up before Christmas 2007 (I got married 2nd February 2008). I wasn't taking chances. I picked up my ring on the 28th January 2008 because they: made it 9ct white gold, not 18ct like ordered, allowed their jeweller to take extra holidays despite having orders, lost my order, and had trouble getting the right stones.

In amongst all of January, I managed to mangle my engagement ring in a freak gardening accident, which required being taken to the jewelers. It came back on the 30th January 2008. On my wedding day, i wore an imperfect ring, as it had a damaged stone. I didn't trust them to be able to fix it in time, and there was no way I was going to my wedding without my rings.

So, after our honeymoon I took it back to them. They fixed the ring, and all was good until December, when a stone in my wedder dropped down below the others. Once again, I go back to the jewelers. I got my ring back today!!!

And guess what, they have f**ked it up again! It now had a yellow tinge to it, like it was re plated with some crappy mix that isn't even 9ct white gold!

The cycle continues
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