Friday, February 27, 2009

Taste the Colours

Recently, i found a recipe for a Rainbow Cake from HERE. Now, despite being disappointed that I couldnt get Neon Food Gel in Australia (damn you!) I thought I would give it a whirl.

So I started with this

Now, despite begging my husband for a Kitchen Aid for my birthday last year, its no secret that I am a pretty crap cook. I recently burnt a saucepan so bad that the metal burnt the whole way through :O. Thus I use a packet mix, as lets face facts, there is less for me to screw up.

I mixed the mixture, and for once, didnt manage to screw up, so far at least

Now, considering I live in a giant dirt hole, and have little access to shops, paired with my impatience to order the dyes from ebay and have them shipped here, i used regualar food colouring and made my own shades.

With minimal eating of the mixture, i dolloped them into muffin trays to get this

And a lovely pile of dishes to do :(

20 minutes later (plus a bit as i was on facebook) I pulled these little gems from the oven

Aren't they pretty?

Of course, this morning i had to put frosting on them, and sprinkles for added flavour.

And eventually I ended up with this for my morning tea :) (if only I had remembered to bring it to work, but noooo, I left it on the bench. Knobhead!)
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  1. Aww they look fantastic April - next time I get groceries I'll have a looksey for you.

  2. Yummmmmmy!!! xxxx

  3. So THAT is how you do it! *ponders*

  4. Yup. Dammit it, i should have never posted and let you all think i am a marvelous chef

    *stupid april*


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