Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eliza - 5 Months

Weight: 6.54kg
Height: 63.5cm

Feeding: Your teeth started moving about this month and gave us a lot of grief, and we turned to a bottle on many occassions. You would scream and scream at Mummy and caused her a great deal of stress. This eventually lead to you refusing to attach at all and we moved onto formula at the end of the month. Mummy had very mixed feelings about this, but in the end it made for a much more peaceful relationship. We still haven't started on solids as you aren't showing any interest in eating.

Sleeping: It had to happen at one point, but our full nights sleep days have also ended. You now wake up once or twice overnight, depending on how you are feeling. Some nights you are very good and go straight back to sleep after a feed and a cuddle, however other nights you are in for a chat at 3am.

Personality: This month we discovered that you like animal noises, particularly cats, cows and ducks. You are not a fan of sheep or dogs. When mummy makes funny noises you giggle uncontrollably and bring out the hugest of smiles.

You like to watch Lucy cat, and will pat her if she comes close enough, though she doesn't like to have her fur pulled. This unfortunately is how you pat her though.

Looks: We are still wearing our 000 onsies, and will get a few more weeks out of them yet! Your eyes are still blue, so we are starting to think that you might have got them from Daddy's side of the family and will keep them. 

Activities: We went to the Melbourne Zoo this month, which you loved. We went with Aunty C and Uncle D, who brought the divine Miss A with them. You were a very good girl and loved seeing the different animals, though no butterflies would land on your nose. We will have to go again soon.

We also went over to Bendigo to see Poppy J, and you dazzled him with your smiles. He hadn't seen you since you were two weeks old (yes, my dad is very slack) and saw a huge difference in you. Towards the end of the month we went to Melbourne on the train, which you slept majority of the way there and back, which we were very happy with.

The highlight of the month was taking you to the local show so we could play with the baby animal nursery. In true Eliza fashion, you patted the alpaca by pulling out his fur. I don't think he really liked that, but he didn't spit, so he must be used to it.
Lastly, we finally moved you over to the seat of the Bug, which you seem to enjoy. Your favourite toy in there is currently a set of linkies that you shove into your mouth as soon as you get your mits on them.

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  1. Gorgeous! She's growing up so fast!

  2. Gorgeous April!! She sounds like she's doing very similar things to my two, hardly surprising even they're exactly the same age!! Apparently linkies are fascinating! I think I need to buy another packet :)


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