Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Time

When the husband took on his new job mid last year we knew it would involve being away at times. And that was fine whilst it was just the two of us. When Eliza entered the picture it got a little bit harder.

I was lucky that for the first 10 weeks of her life he was able to be home every night. But then that job ended and a new one started. Three hours from home. The first night was tough. The second a little easier, and eventually it became the norm.

However, it meant we started to really value weekend time as family time. It is the only time where the husband gets to see Eliza for more than 5 minutes as she is going to bed. We have had to decline many invitations recently as we prefer to be at home together, or it isn't plausible to take her out at night. We go visit local attractions, go for walks and generally just hang out. It also means that for two days of the week I can hand the baby over to someone else whilst I go to the toilet in peace.

Glamorous it is not, but it is lovely.
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