Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday to Friday

I have had a few emails the last few days asking how I am going with returning to full time work. In short, we're all coping well, so far.

Working full time is not without its challenges to a regular person, throw an almost one year old into the mix and it becomes a little more tricky.I am incredibly lucky that the staff at Eliza's daycare centre are amazing, and are more than willing to fill in the blanks when I can't do something.

Our days look like this

6am - I get up and get ready for work. I generally pack Elizas bag the night before, but still need to get her bottle from the fridge in the morning, make sure she has a bunny etc.
6.30am - I wake Eliza and get her dressed for daycare.
6.50am - Eliza and I get in the car and drive the 15 minutes to daycare. We drink our morning bottle in the car on the way (hers = milk, mine = coffee)
7.05am - Arrive at daycare, talk with her carers for the day, check on how she is going developmentally etc, if there is anything to be changed etc.
7.20am - Kiss the girl goodbye. In 6 weeks she has cried once when I left. Every other time she hasn't given two hoots that I am leaving her. Makes me feel loved.
8am to 4.30pm - I pack as much into my work day as humanly possible. I rarely take my lunch break, knowing that the time is better spent doing other things.
5.10pm - I arrive at daycare and collect her belongings, chat with the night staff, collect any memos and finally claim my nightly cuddle and kiss.
5.30 - Eliza and I get home, where we play in the ktichen, whilst I try to prepare something edible for dinner. Whilst that is cooking we play games together, practice walking and other developmental things.
6-6.30pm - Dinner.
6.45pm - Bath.
7.00 - 7.30pm - quiet play time in the lounge. Eliza isn't one to sit still and listen to a story, so we play with her trucks, make up stories and generally just hang out together.
7.30pm - Bottle, night nappy, hugs and kisses and into bed.

Then the real fun begins, I start the washing, preapre things for the next day, try to get some housework done, catch up with friends online and update the blog.

Some days our systems work. Somedays they don't. But tomorrow is always another day to try to make things right. Where our system comes unstuck is when I need to have extra things done, like buy birthday presents, organise family events etc. Thank goodness for technology!

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  1. You really ARE a superwoman!!!

    I've only recently started to appreciate how easy going and relaxed my life is...



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