Wednesday, May 2, 2012


One night whilst peeling veggies for dinner the husband had the genius idea of keeping the seeds and planting them in the garden bed at the end of the dog kennel. He did it, and we thought nothing of it.

Until a little green plant started to sprout. And grow.
It then took over the wire of the dog kennel and started to take over the backyard. We started snipping its ends then as we counted over 20 pumpkins growing on it.

So now we have five different veggies/fruits growing successfully!

The other things we have are a purple capsicum

A yellow capsicum

Strawberries (and for anyone who knows me, seeing fruit on my plants is as shocking to you as it is to me)

Parsley (can't grow it in a pot, but it grows nicely in the cracks in the pavers)

and cherry tomatoes

We also have a lemon tree, lime tree and orange tree growing, but they are yet to produce any goodies. Not bad for a serial plant killer!

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  1. Amazing! I wish I could grow stuff. I especially love the parsley growing in the paver cracks :)


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