Tuesday, May 1, 2012

House Painting

Before we listed our house for sale we knew it would require painting. It was a fact that didn't excite either of us.

One of my brother in laws had mentioned how he was thinking about buying a spray painting unit, as he needed to stain his rather large deck. We decided that we would buy a more expensive model that would do both our house painting and his deck and split the cost. To do everything we wanted we ended up spending our dollars on a Wagner Airless 115. It wasn't cheap but for us it seemed worth it.

So we got stuck into painting the house.
(For reference, that wall is 3.6mx3m at the lowest point)

Whilst painting the house was easy, the prep work and the clean up was hard work. But it still would have taken much longer with a paintbrush.

Over the course of several weekends we managed to paint our entire house. And I have to say, it is looking mighty fine!

Of course, we couldn't do the trim work with the spray painter, so we did them by hand, but it wasn't nearly as bad as painting the entire house with a brush!

I'm going to miss my front door when we move.
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