Thursday, July 19, 2012

How on Earth... people without bath-showers shave their legs?

For years I have been cursing having a shower over a bath, it was such a pain to clean, get in and out of post surgery, and was just a thorn in my backside. It has been a good 9 years since I have had a non shower-bath combo!

But, now that I have a freestanding shower, I am at a loss of how people shave their legs without
a) cutting themselves
b) falling over
c) sitting over the drain hole

Does anyone have answers for me?

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  1. I know what you mean April, but when I didn't have the shower over the bath I used shaving cream and just did it in the bathroom and used the sink. It's a bit more of a "job" doing it like that but I have to admit it always gave me a better shave on the legs because i never missed any

    Apart from that or getting one of those electronic hair remover thingies, (which i have heard are fabulous) I don't have any other advice.


  2. Ha Ha Ha! Soooo true! Idea #1. Small stool in shower. #2. Act like a gymnast and get those legs uo the at a time of course #3.Get a tiler to put a 'foot' tile into wall. Yes, there is such a thing and yes it's for shaving!
    x KL

  3. I wondered the same as we had always had a bath/shower combo.
    The 1970's house we're living in now has a thing that resembles a "soap dish" looking thing down low in the shower, I have no idea if it's intended purpose, but it's good to put my foot up onto (it's sturdy enough to not break) and shave my legs!

  4. I've always only had separate showers and baths so I've just gotten used to bending over while in the shower. Most of the time it isn't an issue. When massively pregnant, not so good, so at that point I just waited til I was in the bath (where I lived anyway) and propped my leg up on the bath edge and worked around the belly.

  5. I am not a fan of lifting up my legs while on a slippery surface ... way too paranoid that I would slip ... So what I do is just bend over ... Orrrr I just sit in the corner of the shower LOL.


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  7. Just think of all the stretching you're gonna do,that's gotta be a good thing...Right???
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  8. Get waxed, darling, it lasts longer. Anyway, I use an epilator and I only have to do it once a week at most.

  9. I LOVE a shower / bath combo. I use my kids bathroom more than my own for this very reason!



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