Monday, July 23, 2012

Laundry Ideas

How cool is this idea? I have no idea where it is from, I found it on my work computer (so it was from before I went on Maternity Leave). I'd want one for dirty washing, and one for clean washing for each person - least I wouldn't have to look at it on the couch all the time!

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  1. You can get cabinets that do that at Bunnings! It's in their DIY laundry range. You can only get them in plain white and not as fancy as this but they look fine enough - we've got them in our laundry and also in the range are drying racks. Love ours!

  2. Oh nice one! We have a shoe rack similar at the front door now tht I think about it.

    Unfortuantly there isn't room in our laundry though :(


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