Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The internet saga.

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Before buying a house, we made it well known that it must have broadband. It wasn't a negotiable thing. We even declined looking at some very nice looking houses because they didn't have broadband.

So before we brought this house we looked into broadband, and according to everything we saw, it had become available recently. Yay to Telstra.

So we dutifully ordered broadband through our chosen provider, for connection on the day of settlement. After a week of being in our house they said they couldn't provide a service, but that wasn't to say another company also couldn't.

So company number two was chosen. Same deal. Seriously starting to think about selling our house.

A letter from company number 1 arrives, stating that they couldn't connect broadband to the following number. A number that was my mobile number. Well duh, even I know that is not possible. No wonder you couldn't do it. Hope is not lost. Only it is, because after 2 separate phone calls, 9 departments, and one rather rude woman, they can't work out why they can't provide me with broadband. I possibly got lucky here, as I don't know if I want to be in a contract with that much chaos.

They did suggest the NBN. Which would be good if a) it was working b) some idiots weren't opposed to it in our area. Moderately high speed internet people, what is your issue with that? Oh it will ruin the view of a lake that you need binoculars to see? Boo freaking hoo. (I am slightly bitter by now, just in case you couldn't work that out).

So I contacted company number three. Within five minutes of completing an online order I have a response back from them telling me there is an issue. Oh fudge. On the positive side, they have an action plan. Something that is easily done, and can be done by and telco. Something that the previous two companies neglected to inform me of.

Negative side - it can take 8 weeks. We're stuck with the stupid Next G dongle for that time, with its super powers of eating data. Yay! So please forgive the lack of posts, besides time being short in my world, internet access is shor

1 week down. Possible 7 to go.

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