Monday, April 30, 2012

Mothers Day

Last year the husband refused to buy me a Mothers Day present, despite me being 37 weeks pregnant. He has no excuse this year.

I have been thinking about it a lot lately, as he doesn't have the best track record with buying presents. He forgot our anniversary this year, and is more likely to just go and tell me to pick my own present.

Thing is, I don't really know what I want. I don't need new PJ's, nor do I need a new dressing gown (thats what Eliza and I brought myself last year). Everything that I desire is out of the budget.

Any suggestions?

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  1. This year I'm lusting after a simple ring that has my husbands and kids names stamped on it. I found it on Etsy and it's under $60. I think that's reasonable.

    Our rule for mothers days & birthdays is it's a 'No Nappy' Day. Basically, for the entire day, the kids are yours to enjoy but not to care for. I think it makes for a beautiful day- 'Honey, the baby needs a nappy change!'. 'Honey, the pre-schooler is hungry!'. Inexpensive but really relaxing.

    Have a great first official mothers day!

  2. I like that plan! Unfortuantly we didn't spend the day as a family (he had commitments, Eliza and I had a birthday party to go to). Next year I am implementing that rule though!


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