Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My favourite holiday

Holidays, they are the type of thing you are forever looking forward to, and as soon as you get back from one are planning the next.

Throughout this year I had grand plans on a lovely holiday somewhere, but unfortuantly bills, renovations, work and now being pregnant got in the way of that. Boo hiss to all but the last, but I guess that is life. So now I am left with the fond memories from my favourite holiday: our honeymoon.

The husband had never been overseas before we got married, so an overseas holiday was assigned. We debated between Vietnam and Thailand for many weeks, eventually deciding on Thailand as Vietnam was a little more forign to us and I wasn't too sure how the the very western westerner would cope. We were away for just shy of 2 weeks, and enjoyed every minute of it, however my favourite part of the trip would be when we spent days lazing in the sun in our pool side room, ordering room service, and ducking through the garden for more cocktails. It was pure relaxation.

If I could do it, I would happily book ourselves onto a flight and happily head back over to Thailand for a relaxing mini-break, god knows we could both do with it!

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  1. I don't suppose you remember the name of the place you stayed? A poolside room sounds amazing! Is it very common over there?

  2. Hey Luke, poolside rooms are super common in Phuket, with majority of hotels offering them, however they book extreamly fast. We actually couldn't book one when we booked our honeymoon a year in advance, however we were upgraded due to a hotel stuff up when we checked up.

    We stayed at the Burasari, which is all of 50 steps from Patong beach and right near everything. I loved it!


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