Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It was a long time coming, but after whinging about my plasterer a few posts back, he rang me that night (I highly doubt he reads my blog) and said he would be there the next morning. Excellent!!!

Now to convince the husband to do the architrave and start painting ;)

Missed the start of the spare room (now nursery) renovations? Start at the beginningdestructionchanging of the window (the first time),  building a built in robe, doing the electrical work, and then re-renovating the window. Pin It


  1. April, get the undercoat and first coat of colour on first before you put up the architraves and skirting board. That way you don't have to cut in at all until you do the top coat. In fact when we've plastered a room I paint it all then we put all the trim on. Makes life much easier for the painter (me) I can tell you. lol

  2. Ohhh and I meant to add...it's looking fabulous! Well done.
    Don't you just love plaster?

  3. OMG, thank you! I have been having this arguement with the husband for years. I always prefer to have the room fully painted before the architrave goes on, but he refuses to do it that way. When I am the painter I make him do it this way, however I am banned from painting in my current condition (thank you baby!) so he can do it how he pleases!

    And yes, I do love plaster, the room least looks like a room now and not a shambles!


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