Monday, December 6, 2010

Shop Stalking -

The husband and I made the decision to not find out the gender of our baby until we are actually holding him/her. I personally think that this is just his way of minimising the amount of shopping I do prior to the baby being born. It is as if he knows me in great detail!

However, his planned is flawed. See, at some point, the baby will require clothes, more than likely whilst I am still in hospital, so that means I have no other option to buy options for both genders! Cunning husband fail!

Currently I am stalking some of my favourite online stores, and have come up with a few outfits I am in love with.

However, I need to fill out my shopping with some gender neutral things, so if you have any ideas on where and what I need, do let the clueless one!

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  1. You are so great at shopping, I can't imagine you needing any advice! We just bought a whole heap of basic stuff (singlets, wondersuits etc) and them let our families spoil us with expensive outfits.

  2. Amounts Amy? My baby will be born in winter (poor thing) and I have no idea of what I will need, as all my friends have had summer babies! I am trying terribly hard to restrict my shopping sprees, and only sticking with the essentials, which at this point has been socks and singlets. I find sizes hard, as I don't know what size the baby will be.

    Shoes are so much easier!

  3. April, purebaby makes lovely gender neutral all in ones and outfits. EMMM is another favourite of mine. I would suggest you purchase at least four long sleeve suits and singlets in size 000, plus one cardigan and a couple of beanies. You can then hit the shops once bub is born. 000 Bonds wondersuits are on the smaller size and fit average size newborn babies well. If you think you might have a smaller then average baby you can always buy a couple of newborn suits.

    Sounds like you're already having lots of fun shopping! I couldn't contain myself with Oscar or Mathilda either, despite not knowing their gender. The temptation to shop is just too strong!


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