Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiles Update

So I have finally made a decision about our kitchen tiles. I have decided on a cream subway tile with a glass mosaic tile in brown tones As you can see with my very dodgy Photoshop mockup, it is very neutral. It actually follows the neutral theme in our kitchen.

We had been putting off doing the splashback as I thought it was going to be rather expensive, even though our tiles are mid-range. By the time we have three rows of cream tiles, we don't actually require that many of the more expensive mosaic tiles. Woohoo!!!

Oh, and the best thing about this job, the husband has suggested that we hire our plasterer who is a tiler as well, to do the job. We are estimating that the job shouldn't cost too much, as it is less than 3 square metres of tiling. Fingers crossed we are right, as neither of us is thrilled with the idea of more tiling.
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  1. Love the choices - can't wait to see the finished product! xx

  2. You are a gem April...thanks so much for the Freedom info.

    Love the tiles too...good choice!!


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