Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eliza - 3 Months

Weight: 5.48kg
Height: 60cm

Feeding: Our weekly email suggested that you might start to become distracted when feeding, and oh boy they were right! Somedays we can not get you to turn your head towards the breast, as you are too busy starting at the fan. 

Otherwise you are doing well, you are cutting back on your feeds now. Zantac has made such a big difference to you, you have a small dose three times a day which keeps the pain at bay. You no longer scream in pain during and after a feed, and you have even starting to do proper burps.

Sleeping: People hate it when I say this, but you are now sleeping through the night, and have done since you were 9 weeks old. You now go to bed between 6.30 and 7 o'clock tonight and wake up from 6 o'clock in the morning. In the last four weeks you have woken up during the night three times. We have been out a few nights, and even if you go to bed later in the night you will still wake up at the same time each morning.

Personality: Your personality has started to really show. You let us know when you are unhappy about something and will continue to be grumpy until you get your own way. Luckily you tend to be pretty agreeable on most things. 

You love having your picture taken and will dish out the smiles as soon as you see the lens come towards you. 

Looks: You are still a tall little girl, sitting on the 75th percentile, but you are still wearing 000 clothes. Your dresses are starting to get a little short now, but we just wear them with leggings. You have inherited your dad's flippers and have outgrown a lot of your socks though, and are now wearing 6-12 month socks!

There is some debate on who you look like these days, some people say Daddy, some say Mummy. You have Mummies colourings, nose and chin, and of course, her hair. You do have Daddies eyes though. Either way you are impossibly cute!

Activities: You still love the bath, though you have stopped screaming when we get you out of the bath which means we can both enjoy massage time. I am thinking that we will enrol in a massage class to learn how to do it properly, as we both enjoy it.

With your reflux easing with Zantac we have been letting you lay on the floor more, which means you get to stare at your new best friend, the ceiling fan. You enjoy spending time under your activity centre, but only when we play it on the Super Mario music - which unfortunately makes my ears bleed.

You celebrated Aunty K's birthday in great style, you flaked early into the night and slept in your capsule whilst we ate dinner. Once home you were a little unsettled, and promptly vomited all over Nanny and Poppy's lounge suite.

Daddy has been working away a fair bit, so we have had a few trips to visit him. We have been to Geelong several times where we went on our first trip to the beach, went to see the Home of the Elephant Book and met some more family members. Mummy does love going to Geelong as there are different shops to what we have at home. We have also been on a few shopping trips to Melbourne where you have got some very lovely clothes for summer.

Finally, your newest playmate was born at the end of the month, after making you wait 12 weeks! Hopefully Miss Anna will be more playful in the coming months.

The last three months have flown by, and we have to pinch ourselves to remind ourselves that you are all ours.

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