Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eliza Wears

I am seriously loving that orange dot Oobi dress on Eliza, it is so cute! I brought it on sale and wish I could find the matching hat somewhere.

Oh, and see the brown giraffe dress - that is our new favourite stance - quarter roll (to see the tv). Screw going the whole way, she gets onto her side and thats it, she has no desire to go the rest of the way, much to my disappointment. All of her friends who are the same age are rolling!
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  1. She has such an adorable wardrobe!

    From a second-time parent prospective, don't be in a hurry for her to roll. It's really the end of that gorgeous 'stay where I put you' baby era. You'll probably also find she talks sooner than those other babies, kids who are little delayed physically make up for it in the language department :)


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