Friday, September 30, 2011

Woolies iPhone App

I am a supermarkets dream shopper. I am too lazy to go to multiple stores, and I am easily persuaded by flashy advertising and free products. Oh how I love a free cookbook that comes with an ingredient I never knew I needed. And if they happen to offer me a rewards card, well then, even better.

Now, given I am a very loyal nerd, and the very easily convinced household shopper, I had a slight jizzim attack when I saw that Woolies had FINALLY launched their iPhone app.

Things I like about it: 

  • Easy to navigate
  • Shows items in my shopping lists in the order they are within my local store
  • It lists every item stocked by the store - not just a small selection of their stock
  • The catalogue is updated weekly - terribly handy when my catalogue man does a runner
  • You can even read the catalogue and add items to your shopping list
  • There is even a recipe database - handy if you don't know what to make for dinner
Things I don't like:
  • It lists the back wall of my supermarket as an Asile. Not a huge thing, but kinda annoying when it tells me to get the milk and I am still at the start of the store
  • It lists a lot of products that aren't carried by my store
Should you download this App
If you shop at Woolies, and own an iPhone or Android phone, then sure, it is free afterall. If you shop elsewhere, there are other generic shopping apps that might be better suited to you

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  1. I've found the same problem as you - the app lists a LOT of things that aren't carried by my local store.

    On the otherhand - our milk is actually in an aisle - but only because the store has two entrances and two sets of check-outs (depending on whether it's night or day). As a result, if I walk in the exterior entrance (for night access - when I actually DO my shopping) then everything is backwards.

  2. You can reverse the order Blondage - I always go south to north at our store, but the husband goes north to south.

  3. Good idea April...!

    (off to have a closer look at the app)


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