Friday, September 2, 2011

One Year

August the 28th was a big day for me, it meant that I had been a mummy for a whole year. It was on that fateful day that I started another cycle, a cycle I thought was doomed due to some very poor timing and a very full social calendar. It was the last cycle we had to do before our review, and as luck would have it, the last cycle was the lucky one.

I found this post in my drafts file the other night, and thought it was time to reflect back on the year that was.

First time I cried hormonally at something random: Watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother, the episode where Barney and the gang have to pack up his childhood house, and Barney's brother finds out who his dad is. I cried for poor Barney, as it was terribly sad he didn't know who his dad was. I love HIMYM and never find it sad (quite the opposite), so that was a bit odd. (4w2d)
{I watched that episode again recently and still cried, so I am going with it is just a sad episode}

First time I saw those two lines: Before work on a Thursday morning, I screamed for the husband to come look, and got terribly frustrated when he didn't understand what it meant. Then I couldn't remember what the hell a HGC test was as it looked exactly the same as the ovulation test. (4w4d)

First bout of morning sickness: A Thursday morning at work, five minutes after someone asked how I was feeling and I replied I was feeling fine. Murphy's Law. (5w4d)

First time I saw you on the screen: We had an early scan as part of our treatment, and got to see our little bean. You looked like a little baby dinosour, and were then called Dino. (7w4d)

First time I was a fierce Mamma Bear: After surgery when a nurse kept poking at my stomach really hard. I asked her if she would like it if I poked her really hard. No? Then stop poking my baby! (15w4d)

First time you scared the living shit out of me: The morning that I woke up with wet pants. I was home alone and rang the husband in a fit of panic demanding that he come home and take me to the hospital. Turns out it was just a cold playing havoc with my fluid levels. I wasn't quite ready to meet you then (34w)

First time mummy almost went into labour at work: When the man I sit with showed me a dead mouse. We all know what a fan I was. Never show a pregnant woman a mouse, especially a heavily pregnant one!

First time mummy and daddy were ready to meet you: The second Monday of maternity leave. I was sick of being home all day. So I ate Thai Green Curry to bring on labour. It worked. I went into labour that night. (39w1d)

First time mummy decided she didn't want to do this anymore: After 18 hours of labour. And again at 35 and a half hours. Luckily you were born at 36 hours! (39w2d and 39w3d)

First time mummy decided you were worth every heartache, tear and pain she ever complained about: About 10 minutes before this moment when they put you on my chest and I got to meet you in person.

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