Friday, February 3, 2012

Cat Thongs

When we got married it was all the rage to have thongs with 'Just Married' imprinted on the bottom of them, especially if you had a beach wedding. Whilst cute, we didn't get married at a beach, so the novelty wore off.

Whilst browsing Down That Little Lane I found these kids Ashito thongs. So terrible cute, and I think a young child would love the imprints just a little bit more than this big child.
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  1. Way funny thong' kid's laugh at me when I call them thong's(flip flop's)is now the word they for thong's well you know.

  2. Oh SOO cute! I was doing 'footprints' with Miss 3 and a puddle today, she would these as she's going through a cat phase...

  3. These are mad :) Bet they'd make awesome footprints!


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