Monday, February 6, 2012


I often think about our future house, and plan various bits of it. Currently I am planning robes, as our current robe isn't cutting the mustard.

The husband has the left side and the top shelf in the centre. I have the rest. His side is over flowing and he uses two tall boys as well.  Ideally we would have the robe set out like this EACH, not as a joint robe. Ahh the things you learn!

Master walk in suite traditional closet

dressing cabinetry traditional closet

KBK Interior Design Portfolio traditional closet

Organized Ladies Closet traditional closet

I think I would like something like this, it's simple and not over the top, and highly functional.
East Edina Home traditional closet

Master Closet contemporary closet

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  1. I am DROOLING! Before kids, closet schmoset, right? After kids - I LOVE the idea of a walk in robe that is big enough to be a luxurious dressing room. Or a main bedroom that is big enough to dedicate a lovely big closet like this to it. And a chaise longue to read books while I wait for my maid to dress me. I know I know. It's nice to dream!!

  2. Ohhh. Looove your inspirational images <3


  3. Thanks for showing these April. I like lots of hanging space and drawers. Lots of drawers. I'm not big on shelves because you usually have to have baskets or something similar to put things in, so I guess the shelf becomes a defacto drawer, if you know what I mean

    Anyway, the last four pics really appeal to me. If I had my time over, the Number 10 renovation would be completely different, with a huge walk in robe and an ensuite. But we're all geniuses in hindsight and to be honest, I don't think there's any such thing as the perfect house, because no matter what we have, we always like "tweaking"

  4. Wow - those wardrobes are bigger than my bedroom.

    We have a small robe between us and the big Ikea hemnes drawer unit. They are both overflowing - our room looks like a laundry exploded in it!

  5. @melissa - have you heard how people say they have 'floordrobes'? Sounds like you have a 'walldrobe' - ie a wall of clothes exploding out of your drawer!

    (sorry I am hijacking the comments, I came back to look at these delightful robes).

  6. I've learnt that wardrobes can NEVER be too big! Lovely inspiration here!
    x KL


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