Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eliza and the Lamb

Did I ever tell you we have sheep again? I can't remember. But we have 7 sheep (well we started with 9 sheep, one went to a better place, two went to the freezer, and I am going to tell you about the third).

A friend rang us one afternoon in a bit of a tizz. They had 9 sheep on their block and didn't know what to do with them. They had rang the local council who had no reports of them being lost, and said to keep them there for a week. If no-one claimed them they could either have them destroyed or keep them). Rather than destroy 9 sheep they rang us and asked if we wanted them for our block. Did we ever! Our paddock was bordering on being a fire hazard and coming into summer we knew we had to do something about it. So we adopted 9 sheep, had them drenched, shawn and tagged.

After a few weeks we began to notice that one sheep was getting rather fat and suspected that she might be pregnant. Sure enough, one day close to Christmas a little lamb was born. We named him Lambie.

Poor mummy sheep and I had a lot in common, we didn't have an easy feeding journey, both ending up with mastitis. After a few days we notices that she had one teat that was massive, dragging on the ground massive, and the other a normal size. Feeling for the poor thing I made the husband go out there and milk her until her teat cleared up. What come out was not pretty, but it helped things. Luckily she wasn't allergic to the antibiotics she was given (unlike me) and continued to feed nicely.

So that is how Eliza came to meet the lamb. No doubt she will meet him again in a few years time, my guess is he won't look the same though ;)

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