Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eliza - 9 Months

It's been a while since I did this, I kinda forgot for a few months. Opps, bad mummy!

Weight: 8.4kg
Height: 71.5cm

Feeding: Everyone we meet is amazed at your eating. You eat like a champion. Even Nanny Jan was shocked when she saw you eat a roast dinner like it was nothing unusual - I think she was even impressed! 

Your favourite foods are chicken, avocado, zucchini, banana and pear. You weren't too keen on yoghurt for a few weeks, but have gone back to liking it. You eat three meals a day at the dinner table with Mummy and Daddy, and have a morning and afternoon snack of a biscuit now.

You discovered a fun game of dropping food over the edge of the highchair, but Daddy came up with an invention to stop it - he cut out cardboard boxes to make a shield. You quickly learnt and stopped dropping food, and are now back to being able to look around.

Sleeping: Since going to sleep school you have continued to improve. You still have a bad night every now and then, particularly if you aren't in your own cot, however most nights you only wake once at 10.30 for a bottle. Your day sleeps have become pretty consistent now, and you generally sleep for an hour and a half twice a day.

Personality: You continue to be cat like in your temperament. You can be happily playing by yourself in the lounge and then burst into tears, or you can be giving a cuddle and then pushing us away. You are generally a happy little girl though, who is willing to be cared for by anyone. 

Looks: You have finally started to have a growth spurt, and your 00 clothes are starting to fit properly. We are finding that many of your pants are getting short, but still fit in the waist, so you wear a lot of dresses currently. Your hair has lightened up, and is now a golden brown colour. It has grown so much, and is no longer a babies hairdo, but a toddlers.

Surprisingly, you have kept your blue eyes, we thought they would have changed colour to green like mummy and daddies, however they haven't. 

Activities: You have continued to enjoy Occasional Care on a Wednesday, though you do seem to be sooking when I pick you up each time. The girls promise me it only starts just as I walk though the gate. They say you like the musical toys and crawl around touching everything.

We started swimming lessons this month, and although you weren't keen at the start you seem to be enjoying it now. You are the youngest in the class by a few months, and although the other kids are more advanced, you do try. You have been in the pool with both Mummy and Daddy, and love to show off your skills in the bath.

You continue to crawl on your stomach, though you aren't far away from walking. You now pull yourself up onto anything that looks like it will stand still long enough, including the highchair, and will walk along the couch, counters, garden beds. You are getting braver and tend to only hang on with one or two fingers now.

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