Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chicken Pox

[Wednesday 25th February]
[Mood: itchy (actually thats not a mood, but it will do)]

I went out to lunch with my lovely friend Kerry on the weekend and had a good time. Until she told me on Monday that a co-worker has chicken pox.

Ever since then i have been itchy. Currently I beleive it is all subconscious, i cant find any red dots on my body, but I must look odd, all i do is scratch my head all day long. Yesterday I found dots, but i think they were from my dog (who I beleive I am allergice to at the best of times...Brian doesnt beleive me, and just thinks I am too lazy to play with him).

So now I sit her itching my head praying for the pox to stay away until next week, as I have far too much on at work and can't take the time off. Surely that is the cue for me to break out in red spots.

Finally, does anyone know why they are called chicken pox? What did the chicken ever do to deserve that tittle? Pin It


  1. I don't know why they are called chicken pox but when they first come up they look like pimples, and you will find them in the .... ummm ... strangest places, lol.

    Good luck, hope you don't have them, they suck for adults!

  2. I hope you don't have them April. I had them when I was 12 and had to spend time in hospital.

    This is what I could find on the name..

    There are many explanations offered for the origin of the name chickenpox:

    * Samuel Johnson suggested that the disease was "less dangerous", thus a "chicken" version of the pox;
    * the specks that appear looked as though the skin was pecked by chickens;
    * the disease was named after chick peas, from a supposed similarity in size of the seed to the lesions;
    * the term reflects a corruption of the Old English word giccin, which meant itching.

  3. lol, thanks guys.

    I think I am pretty safe, i had them when I was around 8. I loved having them so much that I gave them to my cousins. I am such a caring and sharing person LOL!

    And thanks Leila, I personally like the idea of them being a wussy disease, it made me giggle


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