Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have an addiction...

...and its worse than hard drugs.

"My name is April, and I am addicted to TV".

I now watch 20 shows a week. My new favourite is 'My Family'

My Family is about the life of the Harpers, a fictional English family, who live in London. Ben, a dentist, and Susan, a tour guide who later works for an art gallery, have three children, Nick, Janey and Michael, all of whom cause problems in their own way. While Susan is a control freak, Ben prefers to leave the children to it and tries not to get involved. The humour, like most domestic sitcoms, derives from the relationships of the family members and the situations they end up in.

It stars Kris Marshall (from Love Actually), who always amuses me. Such a funny man. I started watching it yesterday, and haven't stopped laughing. Just as well as i am hope sick, laughter is the best medicine

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