Sunday, February 15, 2009

You know who i really dislike?

The CFA.

Not the volunteers though, they're great. The organisation as a corporate body.

I have been without my husband for 78 hours. Whilst I dont mind him going away to help fight fires, I do mind when he goes away to sit on his behind and do diddly squat. From what I have heard from him, he has used a hose once in 3 days, for around 3 hours. The other 33 hours he has done nothing.

It is made slightly worse by the complaints about the accomodation. My Brian is 6'4 or something stupid like that. He is tall. The bed he has been sleeping in is apparently  2' too short. His pillow is thinner than a sheet of paper, and the blankets are see through. They have to be fed and ready to get onto trucks at 7am. So they get up at 5am, as there is an hours travel. They get back to their accomadation at midnight at the earliest.  For once, he hasnt complained about the food, but then again, he will eat anything if he is hungry.

Now, here comes my gripe with the CFA. The boys did nothing today. They were at the staging ground quite early (around 6). They have sat around waiting to get on a bus for 3 hours. They could be two thirds the way home by now. But no, they had to sit on the grass for some knob to say "ok, you can go home now". So, now they are expected to arrive home between 2 and 3am, instead of a respectable 10pm.

So much for looking after volunteers
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  1. hey april.. thanks for stopping by confusionsoup :) you are welcome to stalk me anytime..and here's hoping your hubby stops getting the raw end of the deal as far as the CFA goes. tell your hubby from me that he's a good man. a very good man.


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