Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This week I wittnessed history (and I wish I didnt).

[Tuesday 10th February]
[Mood: thankful for everything I have, and on the verge of tears]

Living in the bush, i am all to awear of bushfires. I grew up in the country, and know the devistation that a fire can cause. Or least I thought I did. I never thought I woulds see what I saw this weekend gone.

(Photo from news.com.au)

This is what I imagine hell to look like. I am sure it is many thousands of Victorians image of hell, as they lost their loved ones, houses, properties, livlihoods and everything they own.

Today the death toll rose to 172 people. This is Australia's worst bushfire in history. And its not over yet. Forecast is for strong winds this evening, that are to fuel the fire even further.

I want to send a huge thanks to those who are currently in Victoria doing something with the bushfires. Firefighters. Police. Emergancy Services. Red Cross. the Salvo's. The Wildlife crews. Thank you. Words can not express how thankful we are for the selfless people that you are. You do an amazing job, for very little thanks.

Recently I had to deal with morons condemming my firefighter husband for a picture he posted on the internet. A picture that told his story of the bushfires. Of what he had to see on a day where he would have prefered to be sitting in the air-conditioning at home drinking a beer. These morons have very little clue about what it takes to risk your own life, more often than not against the wishes of their families, all for the good of your community.

So, I urge everyone to support the people affected by the bushfires in Victoria. And tell those that you love that you do love them. Don't waste time counting the things wrong in your life, just be thankful for everything you do have.

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  1. This is such a terrible tragedy. I can't even imagine what it is like. Keep safe April

    Also I have tagged you

  2. I justb cannot imagine the pain and devestation these people must be going through.

    I am heartened by the amazing work of all the firefighters and volunteers, and regular Aussie's giving what they can.

    My heart goes out to everyone involved.

  3. Chin up sweetie.
    And give your hubby a big "thank you" pat on the back for me.


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