Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today I fell down

and Tomorrow I pick myself up again.

[Wednesday 11th February]
[Mood: cursing my husband for not allowing me to install heating when we had our air con installed, its freezing in Victoria now!]

I like my job. I really do. I find it a bit mundane, but mainly because it seems I work at a pace faster than a snail (as required in government). But as much as I like it, I wish they would give me more to do. Honestly, I spend that much time on Google a day, i feel I should be being paid by them, not my currently employer. 

So, despite liking my current job, I applied for another. One closer to home. Three blocks from home to be precise. One worth more money. One that I didn't get.

To be honest, I didn't expect to get it, I was under-qualified for the role, but you never know. Yet this morning when I was told I didn't get the position I couldn't help but feel sad. So I moped about work today, and on the couch when I got home. But that ends now.

Tomorrow, I pick myself up, kiss my husband goodbye (he is going to fight fires on the otherside of the state until Monday) and approach my boss about paying for me to do a course. 

Tomorrow I move forward

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  1. Poor you, I hope tomorrow is a better day and best of luck to your husband, he is doing a wonderful job. xx


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