Friday, May 21, 2010

April Loves...

Remember my friend Britt? Remember how awesome I think she is? Well tomorrow she becomes extra awesome as it is her birthday.

Which brings me to something I love, which is my Glasshouse Strasbourg candle, which Britt gave me for my birthday last year. 

Rather than smelling of Strass (ewww, why would one want a candle smelling of processed meat?), it smells like a giant slice of spiced apple pie! A dash of nutmeg, two pinches of vanilla, a barrel of pink lady apples and the secret ingredients of grapefruit and mandarin make Strasbourg simply unforgettable.

Apple + Cinnamon = a kitchen that smells like I have been baking when I have really been sleeping on the couch! Winners all round!
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  1. Mwah! Thank you my dear friend. By the way I ended up getting myself one of those candles too xxx


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