Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Change in direction

This is our block. Yes, all of it! We live in town, on an acre and a half. Which for the last five years, we have done nothing with. It has always been in the back of our minds about sub-dividing, but it was too hard to even think about.

Until a recent discussion at work brought up the subject of sub-diving and the associated costs. And it didn't see overly daunting. So we rang a conveyancer, and had a bit of a chat.

We always thought we would only divide our block into 2 sections, however he suggested we would be better off financially dividing into 5 large house lots.
Of course with every development comes costs, and those costs mean building a house has put on hold. But once the blocks are sold, it means we would be in an incredible position.

So there you go, house building on hold, but property development on the rise!

Wish us luck, we have to go to Council this week to find out the cost in upgrading the road. This could be interesting!
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  1. oh that is so exciting! And wow wouldn't that set you up for being able to build an AMAZING home!!

    Hope you get some good news re the road


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