Monday, October 11, 2010

Bills Breakfast- Sydney

As you all know, as I couldn't keep my excitement contained, the lovely Britt and I went to Sydney for the weekend a few weeks back, and one of the amazing things we did was go to Bills for breakfast.

I have only been to Sydney once before, a few years back with the husband, and one thing I really wanted to do was go Bills, however we ran out of time. So I was super excited when we just happened to walk past his Woollahra restaurant! Even more so when Britt mentioned she was hungry, as I was starving.

As it happened, Lady Luck was on our side (finally, I was beginning to think I was cursed!) and we were seated within a few moments of arriving. It was a glorious day, with many people sitting outside in the courtyard, all enjoying one of two meals: ricotta hotcakes or sweet corn fritters. Hmmm, seems there are some clear cut winners in the Bills world

Me being me, ordered the fritters, as my friendship with corn will be coming to an end in a few weeks when they start to put fill back in my band. And Oh. My. God. They were delish! The word food and orgasm may have been mentioned. I may have also told the husband we need to move to Sydney later that day. For what looked like a smallish meal when it came out, I was more than well fed by the time we left! A-MAZE-ING!

Now, for the tricky part, does anyone know how to recreate these, as the husband said no to the suggestion of moving to Sydney.
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