Monday, October 4, 2010

Donna Hay General Store - Sydney

One of my favourite celebrity chef's is Donna Hay. She seems so down to earth, and anyone who bakes cupcakes and deserts is fine by me!

It was such a cute shop, filled with even cuter things. I was very restrained, given that I was threatened with divorce - prior to leaving Victoria - should I return home with a number of purchases. All I left with was two utensils that I haven't been able to find anywhere (a spatula and spoonula that are one solid piece instead of the standard plastic handle glued to the silicon blade), the Donna Hay Essentials Chocolate cookbook, a giant chocolate freckle and a hot chocolate spoon (read, giant blob of chocolate attached to a spoon - Genius!)

Whilst there were many other little things I would have liked, a quick glance at the prices showed me that I could buy a similar item a lot cheaper elsewhere, like on Etsy. I would happily go back though, as there was so much to look at and admire.

So there you go husband, I do have stingey days, I just have to travel to another state to have those moments!
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  1. Oh love this shop, will go on Saturday when we go BACK to Sydney!! I love the organic kitchen counter spray, which of course, i use endlessly with 4 children. My husband even dropped me off there, left me alone, no children, no husband. He arrived an hour later to find me with a couple of toys in my hands & said he was very proud i contained myself, but it was time to leave. Then the ladies behind the counter gave me the huge bags of goods i had already bought before i realised there was an upstairs. Ooopppsss. I also bought a cake icing spreader thingy from there, best ever!! Love Posie


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