Friday, October 22, 2010

iPhone App: iBook

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This is a simple App, and from what I can remember, a free one too. iBook is just that, a book on your iPhone (or iPad, whichever way you swing), that you can take anywhere with you.  Originally released for the iPad, to rival the other E-Readers on the market, iBooks had a slowish start. Release it onto an iPhone and you have a much wider market. Wise move Apple.

I personally have a US iTunes account, as they have better content that the Australia store, and apparently this is very true for the bookstore. Whilst in the US store I can buy majority of new release novels (I am currently reading The Carrie Diaries), the same can't be said for the Australia store (fix this please Apple). Books are reasonably priced, I think I paid $15 for The Carrie Diaries, which was cheaper than I could find it on eBay, plus I don't have to lug around a heavy book.

This App has saved myself from boredom many times: being stuck on a train, waiting in doctors surgeries, and even the odd lunch break at work, I just open iBooks and away I go, I never loose my page thanks to the handy bookmarking system, and how it syncs with my computer when I remember to connect my phone.

Oh, and the husband loves it as it means I don't have nearly as many books laying around the house!

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  1. Oh, good tip. I have iBooks but hate it because all I can seem to buy is crappy books that have been around for centuries.

  2. Sounds like the perfect app for me (if I had an iPhone), but I love "lugging around a heavy book"! Honestly, I do. It seems much more relaxing to read a real book in a waiting room while everyone else is sending text messages, chatting on their phone or reading about Suri Cruise's newest outfit. ;)

  3. What a fab idea. I have an iPhone and also the iPad but have been a bit frustrated with the book situation. Will now give it a go! Love your blog by the way.


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