Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Rug

A while back I mentioned about how a company was willing to give me a rug to promote their business in Australia? Well after many months it finally arrived.

Whilst I am happy with it, I am not thrilled. I should have ordered the next size up, however it was meant to go in the kitchen so I ordered that size. When I put it in the kitchen it was all kinds of wrong, and it found a new home in the dining room.

So my review of the rug and company it came from? The rug is nice, but feels a bit 'cheap', but that could be because its designed as in indoor/outdoor rug, and not the plush rugs I am used to. Either way, it is easy to care for, a quick swipe of the Dyson and it's happy. The shopping experience was less than ideal, despite there being a million choices online, everything I chose was out of stock and a due date was not known. And when I finally did find an item that I liked that was in stock, my order was lost. This was quickly rectified, but then the shipping company lost my rug.

After several months of hearing nothing, I contacted the rep I was assigned, who claimed she had contacted me but I never replied. This didn't really suprise me, as she was a touch vague at times, and often confused me with someone else. I was given the opportunity to chose a new rug, and start the ordeal again, eventually getting the above rug.

Would I shop with them again? Maybe, if the price was right, but I would expect a lot better customer service if I was actually paying for the goods. But a free rug is a free rug!
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  1. Nodding my head April. Love your dining setting though! xx

  2. Oh no, did you have a similar experience with your giveaway Rose?


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