Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brownies - April Style

When we first came home with Eliza my mum baked for us (a huge thing in her world, as she isn't a big fan of cooking). She would come in daily with a hot meal for both of us, including an entree and main, and some sort of dessert.

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One of our favourites was Raspberry Chocolate Brownies. I loved them so much they have become a staple in our pantry, and a quick and easy snack that I can take when we visit friends.

Now, some clever folk may make their brownies from scratch, however in our household we are lazy and use a packet mix (WhiteWings Brownie Mix) and frozen berries. All I do is make the brownies according to the box and then chop up the raspberries a bit and throw them on top. Done and dusted.

I highly recommend them, go on, give them a go.
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