Friday, August 19, 2011

Eliza - 2 months

Weight: 5.02kg
Height: 58cm

Feeding: You have started to cut back on your feeding times as you have become a very efficient feeder. What used to take us 40 minutes is now done in 20. The health nurses are very happy with how you are developing, and you are meeting all of your milestones a week or so than they say you should be. 

You have had silent reflux, which was ignored by doctors for some time. Mummy knew something wasn't right, as you would cry and scream in pain for hours on end. Some nights we couldn't even get you to lay down enough to feed. It was heartbreaking to watch and lead her to finding Lardners Colic Relief which contained a natural antacid. It changed you completly and from that we started you on Zantac. 

Sleeping: We are continually amazed at how well you have worked out night and day, and are absolutly thrilled thast you are rewarding us with longer night sleeps. We now average between 6-8 hour stints over night, and mummy generally only has to get up once overnight. A lot of our mummy friends are very jealous of us, though it does mean you don't sleep as much during the day. Mummy and Daddy are willing to deal with that though.

Personality: You have started to smile, saving your biggest grins for mummy first thing in the morning. You have quickly worked out that by greeting mummy with a lovely big smile you will be met with an even bigger smile and a loving cuddle. You have also started to babble away to yourself and will often have a conversation with Lucy the cat.

Looks: You continue to stop complete strangers with your hair. Everyone loves to comment on it and marvel at how much of it there is. I can barely get through an aisle in the supermarket without someone stopping me to discuss it in great detail. We have brought clips for your hair, but mummy never remembers to put them in. We struggle to get rid of your mow hawk at the moment, your hair just needs to grow that little bit more, so most days you look like a very startled baby with hair standing straight up!

You continue to be a tall child, taking after your dad. You have outgrown many of your newborn clothes and now are wearing 000's.

Activities: Bath time has become one of your favourite times to share with mum and dad, and you often scream when we get you out as you want to continue floating and kicking. After a bath we often massage you with a lovely cream (Little Innocents Massage Cream) which you seem to enjoy if the giggles and smiles are an indication.

This month you have started to enjoy your rocker more, and spend a bit of time staring at the magazines and books on the bookshelf in the lounge room. Due to your reflux we sit you in it after a feed to help the yucky acid stay down. Somedays you will happily sit there and chat with the lady/man bugs that are on the toy bar, though you get cranky at them after 10 minutes of them not talking back to you, and start kicking your legs which makes them dance, and makes you giggle.

This month saw you take another trip to Melbourne, and you stayed in another hotel. You were a perfect little girl and allowed us to go out to a swish steak restaurant whilst you slept the whole time. You made your first trip to both the Apple Store and Tiffany's.

Every day our love for you grows and we can't wait to watch you grow into the beautiful little girl we know you will be.

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  1. Such precious times. What a little cherub you have. I remember how wonderful it was when those feeding times dropped :)

  2. omg. she looks sooooo happy!!!


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