Friday, August 5, 2011


Eliza was born in winter, and just our luck it has been freezing cold for the last 8 weeks. Which meant that we haven't been spending much time outside. We go for a walk with the pram every few days, but the little miss is so rugged up it isn't funny.

So on the weekend when the sun finally came out we decided to go on a picnic. Eliza's first picnic!
 All rugged up in the cosi. Love the David Fussenegger blanket from a lovely friend.

We had a BBQ whilst we were out there, and whilst our burgers were cooking a kookaburra swooped down and stole a burger off the hot plate! I wonder if his feed got burnt, as it was pretty hot.

Eliza seemed to love it (read: she didn't scream). Guess we will just have to enjoy the outdoors a bit more now the weather is finally picking up.
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  1. It's been hard, hasn't it? My toddler is going a bit stir crazy inside the house, we've always had a really active life, and then the new baby arrived and boom- we've been housebound for three weeks straight. Poor mite.

    Now just to enjoy the few short weeks of nice weather before it gets too boiling hot to go outside!


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