Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nursery (with an actual baby)

So in the interest of being honest, I should state that this is after a quick tidy up. Eliza had not long spewed before I took this photo and all her bedding was in the middle of the floor. 

You can just see a baby in the cot there. The quilt my mum made was removed the first day we got home and hasn't been near the cot since. Pretty things aren't always very practical apparently!

 The kitchen stool entered the room when we spent many hours patting Eliza to sleep. We have since given up on the patting, but the stool has stayed. Oh and we have curtains now!

 The quilt became a chair cover though, so it is still in the room. The chair is an old fashioned recliner (circa 1970 in 1970 mission brown velour) that we borrowed from the husbands parents as I found it comfortable to feed in. That lasted for the first few weeks until I found it uncomfortable and it hasn't been removed yet.

On a pretty note, I brought Eliza a new doona thingie in pink and orange as I thought it was cute, and slightly more functional than the other one. Each night I fold it back and it gets used as an extra blanket.

So there you go, that is Eliza's room as it stands now. A little different to what it was two months back, but it is bound to change in the future too.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt and I love the new doona. The room looks lovely. It's so hard to find a comfortable feeding chair besides the ugly black recliner ones they have in hospital :)

  2. I love your nursery! You have wonderful taste. Are those bookshelves with the baskets in from Ikea? if they are, do you remember what the name of it is? I think it would be great for storing books and toys :)

    Thanks, Julie

  3. Hi Julie. The cube bookcase and the baskets are from Ikea, it is the Expedit 4x4 shelf and the Branas baskets

  4. Thank you so much April! I think a trip to Ikea this week will be needed :)


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