Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eliza - 4 Months

Weight: 6.08kg
Height: 62cm

Feeding: Feeds have become a struggle, you love to stare at anything that isn't me, and that makes for some very interesting feeds. You have become very efficient at feeding, which means we spend more time doing things and less time sitting on the couch feeding (watching tv).

Sleeping: You have continued to sleep through the night, Mummy feels very lucky to not be getting up overnight. Your day sleeps have also improved, you now settle reasonably easily during the day, and will sleep for one and a half hours most sleeps.

Personality: You no longer reserve your smile for just Mummy or Daddy, you dish it out to anyone who looks at you, especially the ladies at the supermarket. However if you are grumpy about something you will refuse to look us in the eye, turning your head from us. 

Looks: You are still sitting high on the height charts, but your weight has dropped below the 50th percentile, making us think you might be like your dad: tall and skinny! Your hair has continued to grow and is a huge source of delight to Mummy who loves to put clips in it. She also takes pride in showing it off to people, as many people said it would all fall out. How wrong they were!

Activities: We didn't go very far this month, only one trip to Melbourne and Geelong early in the month. Daddy has been working locally, so that means we tend to stick around home. We have been doing lots of reading during the day, particularly enjoying Spot and Dr Seuss.

We went to Uncle T's birthday party, and you were most unhappy. You gave poor Nanny a complex as everytime she looked at you, you screamed blue murder and couldn't be calmed. You soon got over it when Nanny looked after you a few days later.

You still won't roll properly, you occasionally will roll from side to side, but nothing eventful or frequent.

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